1. Viscerotropic Viral Diseases
    • Yellow Fever
    • Infectious Mononucleosis
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • Viral Gastroenteritis
    • Viral Fevers
    • Cytomegalovirus Disease
    • Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease
  2. Yellow Fever
    • Yellow fever was the first human disease associated with a virus
    • Yellow fever virus transmitted by mosquitoes, thus also referred to as an arbovirus(arthropod-borne)
    • Can cause jaundice and internal bleeding
  3. Infectious Mononucleosis
    • A blood disease, especially of antibody- producing B-cells Dangerous complications include development of heart defects, paralysis of face, rupture of spleen and liver involvement
    • Caused byEpstein-Barr virus - Herpesvirus
    • Also causesBurkitt’s lymphoma and chronic fatigue syndrome
  4. Hepatitis A
    • Acute inflammatory disease of the liver
    • Most commonly transmitted by food or water contaminated by feces of an individual infected with this virus
  5. Hepatitis B
    • Second major type of hepatitis known as serum hepatitis
    • Transmission usually involves direct or indirect contact with an infected body fluid such as blood or semen More severe than hepatitis A
  6. Hepatitis C
    • Liver damage develops slowly and insidiously, such thatcirrhosis is beyond repair by the time the disease is diagnosed
    • Most oftentransmitted by drug injection, and sometimes associated with tattoos or body piercing
  7. Viral Gastroenteritis
    • Commonly caused by Rotaviruses
    • Severe childhood diarrhea
    • Coxsackieviruses also can be causative agents
    • Frequentcause of aseptic meningitis
    • “24 hour flu”
    • Echovirusesalso can be involved
  8. Viral Fevers
    • Some of these are accompanied by severe hemorrhagic lesions
    • Lassa fever
    • Marburg disease
    • Ebola hemorrhagic fever - Ebola virus
    • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome -Hantavirus
  9. Cytomegalovirus Disease
    • Caused by Cytomegalovirus
    • May be among the most common diseases in U.S.
    • Fever, malaise, enlarged spleen
  10. Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease
    • Caused by Human Immunodeficiency
    • Virus Target is CD4T-helper lymphocyte, thus shutting down effective immunity in host
    • Transmitted by infected blood or semen
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