ASM Spanish (Dec 2) Opinions

  1. I think that...
    Peinso que
  2. I believe that...
    Creo que
  3. I think so...
    Eso pienso
  4. It seems to me...
    Me parece que
  5. I guess
    Supongo que
  6. I imagine that...
    Imagino que
  7. In my opinion...
    En mi opinion
  8. I don't remember...
    No requerdo


    No me acuerdo de
  9. I don't know.
    No lo se
  10. I have no idea
    No tengo ni idea
  11. I believe yes
    Creo que si
  12. I believe no
    Creo que no
  13. I am sure
    Estoy segura
  14. I am positive
    Estoy segurisimo
  15. I don't mind
    No me importa que
  16. I don't care
    Me da igual
  17. What do you think?
    Que te parece?
  18. Do you mind about...?
    Te importa....?
  19. Would you like to...?
    Te gustaria...?
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ASM Spanish (Dec 2) Opinions
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