History 16.4

  1. Electors
    Seven leading German princes who chose the Holy Roman Emperor
  2. Ferdinand
    The Catholic Hapsburg King of Bohemia, sought to supress Protestants and to assert royal power over nobles
  3. Mercenaries
    Soldiers for hire, burned villages, destroyed crops, and killed without mercy
  4. Depopulation
    Reduction of the number of people in an area
  5. Peace of Westphalia
    A series of treaties that ended the Thirty Years' War
  6. Maria Theresa
    The daughter of Charles VI who was intelligent and capable of succeeding her father
  7. War of the Austrian Succession
    Series of wars in which various European nations competed for power in Central Europe after the death of Hapsburg emperor Charles VI
  8. Prussia
    A strong military state in central Europe that emerged in the late 1600s
  9. Frederick William I
    A Prussian ruler who came to power upon the death of his father in 1713
  10. Frederick II
    Preferred playing the flute and writing poetry instead running an empire
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History 16.4
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