EMTB-11 Ch4c Respiratory

  1. Respiratory System
    system of the nose, mouth, throat, lungs, and muscles that brings oxygen into the body and expels carbon dioxide.
  2. oropharynx
    area directly posterior to the mouth.
  3. nasopharynx
    area directly posterior to the nose.
  4. pharynx
    area directly posterior to the mouth and nose. It is made up of the oropharynx and the nasopharynx.
  5. epiglottis
    leaf-shaped structure that prevents food and foreign matter from entering the trachea.
  6. larynx
    voice box
  7. cricoid cartilage
    ring-shaped structure that forms the lower portion of the larynx.
  8. trachea
    the structure that connects the pharynx to the lungs - "windpipe"
  9. lungs
    organs where exchange of atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide take place.
  10. bronchi
    the two large sets of branches that come off the trachea and enter the lungs. There are right & left bronchi. (singular- bronchus)
  11. alveoli
    the microscopic sacs of the lungs where gas exchange with the bloodstream takes place.
  12. diaphragm
    the muscular structure that divides the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. a major muscle of respiration.
  13. inhalation
    an active process in which the intercostal (rib) muscles and the diaphragm contract, expanding the size of the chest cavity & causing air to flow into the lungs.
  14. exhalation
    a passive process in which the intercostal (rib) muscles and the diaphragm relax, causing the chest cavity to decrease in size and air to flow out of the lungs.
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