Physics Test 2

  1. Mass is
    The number of atoms inside an object
  2. Mass is measured in
  3. Weight is
    The pull or force due to gravity of the planet
  4. Weight is measured in
    Newtons / N
  5. The gravity of the earth
    10N/kg or 10 m/ s2
  6. The gravity of the moon
    1/6 of the earth or 1/6 x10 N/ kg or 1/6 x10 m/s2
  7. The gravity of space
    0 N/kg or 0 m/s2
  8. The formula to find weight
    mass x gravity
  9. The formula to find mass
    • Weight
    • gravity
  10. The formula to find gravity
    • Weight
    • mass
  11. Hooke's law
    There is always a direct proportion between force and length extention unless the object exceeds the elastic limit
  12. How the extention is found
    New length - original length
  13. Makes a spring harder
    Dense material, short length, smaller turns, thicker wire
  14. Makes a spring softer
    Not dense material, longer, larger turns, thinner wire
  15. If an object obeys hooke's law
    The graphs line is straight
  16. If an object disobeys Hooke's law
    The graphs line is curved
  17. The object that holds everything up
    Retort stand
  18. Shows you the extention
    Ruler/ scale
  19. Shows you the new length
  20. The object that is added on to see new measurements
    The load
  21. Measurements you need to take in Hooke's law experiment
    Weight and length
  22. A planet is large
    There is greater gravity
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