EMTB-11 Ch4a Anatomical Terms

  1. Lateral
    to the side
  2. Anatomical Position
    the standard reference position for studying anatomy of the body.  Body is upright facing observer.  Arms down at the sides and palms facing forward.
  3. plane
    flat surface formed when slicing through a solid object.
  4. midline
    imagincary line drawn down the center of the body
  5. medial
    toward the midline of the body
  6. bilateral
    on both sides
  7. mid-axillary line
    line drawn vertically from the middle of the armpit to the ankle
  8. anterior / ventral
    the front of the body or body part
  9. posterior / dorsal
    the back of the body or body part
  10. superior
    toward the head (chest is superior to the abdomen)
  11. inferior
    away from the head; usually compared with another structure that is closer to the head  (the lips are inferior to the nose)
  12. proximal
    closer to the torso
  13. distal
    farther away from the torso
  14. torso
    trunk of the body
  15. palmar
    referring to the palm
  16. plantar
    referring to the sole of the foot
  17. thorax
    the chest
  18. anatomy
    study of body structure
  19. physiology
    study if body function
  20. mid-clavicular line
    the line through the center of each clavicle
  21. supine
    lying on the back
  22. prone
    lying face down
  23. recovery position
    lying on the side.aka lateral recumbent position
  24. lateral recumbent position
    lying on the side
  25. abdominal quadrants
    four divisions of the abdomen used to pinpoint location of pair or injuryRUQ - LUQ - RLQ - LLQ
  26. Fowler's position
    a sitting position.  legs may be straight or bent.  if leaning back sitting
  27. Trendelenburg position
    position in which patient's feet and legs are higher then the head.aka shock position
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