His 207 Test 3

  1. Ibn Yasin
    Was a berber missionary who was an religious leader in north Africa who founded the Almoravid dynasty in North Africa. He was the dynasty's first Caliph.
  2. Mahdi ibn Tumart
    was an berber who was an religous scholar and poltical leader that founded the Almohad Dyansty in North Africa. He also claimed to be mahdi.
  3. Four Types of State/Nomad Interactions
    • 1) State controlling the nomads by giving them certain benefits
    • ***seen during Umayyad empire
    • 2) State using military to round up the nomadic rebels.
    • ****ex: Byzantines & Sasanians handle nomads by using one tribe to take care of another tribe.
    • 3) State circulating anti-Bedouin traditions & granting them land (hima).
    • 4)Dependence of state on tribal power
    • (renomadization)
    • **state unable to control nomads; state depends on tribes
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