IB Java (again)

  1. CRC Cards
    • Class Responsibility Collaboration Cards.
    • Design tool for classes that list a class’s name, responsibilities and the classes with which it collaborates on an index card.
  2. Database Management System (DBMS)
    • computer-based system for defining, creating, manipulating, controlling, managing and using
    • databases
  3. data bus
    pathway between memory or peripheral and the processing unit that carries data for processing or data that has been processed.
  4. data compression
    of reducing the size of data. All redundancy in the data is removed to reduce the storage needed or to speed up transfer. Data can be uncompressed back to its original state
  5. data integrity
    correctness of data after processing, storage or transmission
  6. data member
    data type that is a member of a class
  7. data packet
    • part of a transmitted message that is sent separately. It contains a portion of the message as well
    • as check digits, destination address, etc.
  8. data protection
    method of ensuring that personal data is correct and is not misused either by those holding it or others who have no right to access it.
  9. data security
    method of ensuring that data is correct, safe and cannot be read or changed by those who have no right to access it.
  10. DBMS
    database management system
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IB Java (again)
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