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  1. What are the differences between FDA and FTC roles?
    • FDA main role is the regulation of food labeling
    • FTC main role is regulation of advertising
  2. When we talk about "new frontier of public health" what does term new mean?
    • It means we have history that leveraged law to deal with public health issues.
    • examples : drinking age/ motor vehichel safety
  3. How the law has been used to accomplish public health success?
    • Law is a powerful instrument ( the top 10 health accomplishment)
    • Gvpt has power and duty to regulate private behavior ( setting policy / alter costs)
    • Paternalistic intervention (enfeeble section)
  4. What are key elements between Tabacco control and obesity?
    • Clinical intervention ( ask, advise, assess, assist)
    • Educational strategies ( primary prevention at school)
    • Regulatory effort ( advertisement restriction)
    • Economic ( increase costs)
  5. Differences between Tabacco control and obesity?
    • People can not retain from food
    • High calorie foods can be beneficial
    • No food related harm equals to second hand smoke
    • No evidance that food has physically addictive properties, eventhough some companies may alter the food component to make us feel we need to have it more
  6. What are regulatory targets and examples of approaches to obesity prevention through legislation?
    • Creation of task force
    • Commision for specific study
    • Taxation of non-nutritious food
    • Improved safety
    • Attractive places
    • Advertising restriction
    • Community fitness
    • Workplace fitness
    • Insurance coverage
    • Public education
  7. What does it mean by the term " obvious and open"
    Must prove dangers to hidden or deceptive
  8. What does it mean by term " immunize companies"
    There are laws that are crafted to protect companies against law suits
  9. Why advertising to kids might be seen as deceptive?
    Children are vulnurable population , if they see so much advertisement on TV that has misleading information, they are the population that are at higher tendency wanting to consume those products. Also children that are younger then 8 may not even be able to distinguish between advertisement and the program.
  10. What does term Ideological mean?
    It is the different way of us looking at health, either biological / genetic or social/cultureral
  11. Health literacy:
    This means people with low education have hard time reading labels. Also even sometimes people with high education may have interperting lables and knowing what best fits their diet.
  12. What are the six componants of enviromnetal health?
    • Water quality
    • Outdoor air quality
    • Infrastucture/survaliance
    • Toxics
    • Global environental health
    • Healthy homes and communities
  13. What is the main purpose of the World health report?
    To provide information to countries , agancies and ... for policy and funding desicions
  14. What is the key in avoiding preventable diseases?
    Proper environmental management.
  15. What is the WHO focus area for preventing disease through healthy environment:
    • Water
    • Air
    • Children's environmental health
    • Environmental health
    • Occupational safety
    • Healthy settings
  16. What are the implications of water scarsity and poor water quality?
    Water scarsity encourages people to store water which can be a breeding ground for some disease and this may cause people to rely on unsafe water sources.poor water quality can cuase diharreha , chlorea and typhoid. Also water is essential for life
  17. What are implications of poor air quality:
    This is considered basic human need for being healthy. more than 2 M premature deaths happen due to air pollution. More then 50% are in developing countries .
  18. What are the global goals of the World health day?
    • 1000 cities: to open health access
    • 1000 stories : get stories of urban health champions.
  19. What is the theme of world health day?
    Antimicrobial resistance. Safeguard medication for future generation.
  20. What are the characteristics of experts distinguishing them from the rest of us?
    • Their decision making
    • Their usage of data in terms of uncertainty
    • They can't tell us how they do what they do
  21. What is tacit knowledge?
    Tacit knowledge is the knowledge that is not explicitly availabe , and one learns it by seeing how the expert does it. also interviewing is an awesome way.
  22. What are the key ingrediants for being a good researcher?
    • Knowing the team member
    • Knowing own strength and weaknesses
    • Recoganizing strength and weakness of others
  23. What is the future of health education?
    In his terms technology is the future of health education.
  24. The term " Sink hole effect " means:
    Families and individuals in middle and higher classes appear to be migrationg to lower income tiers , bringing them closer to the poverty threshhold.
  25. What it means that poverty is tied to homeland security:
    • Huge number of americans are being left behing economically.
    • Poverty is tied to un/underemplyment ( business failiure,outsourcing jobs,low paying jobs)
  26. What does concept mapping mean?
    It means we are looking at webs of causation.
  27. What are the implications of unemployment?
    • Sluggish economy
    • Non-productive citizenry
    • Necessitates spending on satey net
  28. What does it mean by term human capital?
    It means safe education,, quality and vocational training and health care.
  29. What does transmission poverty mean ?
    this is not transmission of microbial but has social determinants.
  30. What are needed investments to prevent poverty and prompte global health?
    • Social goods ( health care, education, housing,childcare)
    • Social bads ( poverty , incarceration, low wages, inadequate education)
    • Social policy ( job creation/ job trainin/, livable wages, satety nets, neighborhood revitalization)
  31. What are 3 pilars for eradication poverty for stability and peace:
    • Environmental stewardship( having sate and healthy plante that we can live in, population is the ultimate health issue)
    • Poverty reduction( eradication of poverty is central to stability and peace)
    • Education of world's youth ( teach tolerance, celebrate diversity)
  32. What does the term demographic transition mean?
    It means ever decreasing fertility rate, decline in death rates as a result birth rates will go down due to advances in public health.( not physical environment but the capacity)
  33. What are approaches to control medical costs?
    • Cost control effort by federal gvpt ,imposition of price control
    • Regulatory approach to cost controlled focused on limiting spending on new facilities
    • Medicate deviced a payment system designed to provide incentives for hospitals to limit length of hospital stays.
    • They have also tried to do managed care weakning the ability to control costs.
  34. What does term carrying capacity means?
    It means population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely given the food, habitat and resources.
  35. What are the impact of the population growth?
    depletion of world's resources , impacting climate changes.
  36. What are importance/value of risk assessment?
    • Its understanding helps us understand health related behavior
    • It also allows us to communicate better and be able to tailor interventions to need of the communities.
  37. What are the factors associated with risk perception?
    • Trust (The more we trust , the less concern we feel about risk)
    • Choice ( the risk we choose seems less risky)
    • Benefits ( the greater potential gain, the more willingness the risk)
    • Consequance(risk with potential harms are unacceptable)
    • Control ( greater perception of controllability , more acceptable the risk)
    • Familiarity
  38. Implications associated with the rand and oregon state universisty:
    Significant number of african americans believe in the consprisiy theories of aids, men with these beliefes are less likely to use condoms as precutions to protect against HIV.
  39. What did the survay of african american's suggeset:
    • Lot of information is being withheld from public
    • There is cure for AIDS but being withheld from the poor
    • AIDS was produced in GVPT lab
    • AIDS was created by the GVPT to control black
    • AIDS is a form of genecide
  40. Aims of the research study on conspiracy belief about the origins of AIDS:
    The participants were Afric americans, non-hispanic whites, Latinos and Asians. In this study Conspiracy beliefes were an independent predictors of reported condom use.Asians have the lowest beliefes on conspiracy theory and that Federal GVPT is the promotor of HIV. Conspiracy theory make a large contribution to condom use.
  41. What is the study aim on coping with violance?
    Present the views of predominantly African American public housing residance
  42. How do parents learn of their children's exposure to violance?
    • Communication between parent and child
    • Family members residing in the same housing development
    • Also Grapevine ( gossip ...)
    • Reviewing child school notes and observable behaviors
  43. What are some parental monitoring efforts?
    • Establishing of reasonable curfew
    • Only allowing child to play inside or in the house of relatives.
  44. What are engagement of community resources?
  45. Seek out community support ( clubs and youth programs)
  46. What are some reasons that young kids may carry handguns?
    • Protection
    • Intimidation
    • Retaliation
    • Perpetration
  47. What are biophychological systems associated with youth violance?
    • Individual factors( low competance,weak internal control,antisocial tendencies)
    • Interpersonal factors( peer and family)
    • Proximal social context ( neighbors, schools)
    • Social macrosystems( poverty, discrimination)
  48. What is social capacity?
    It measures the community cohesion( levels of trust, recipricocity, civic engagement )
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