science chapter 2 section 1

  1. What are traits?
    all the features that an organism inherits are its traits

    -every thing that you can see
  2. Did people observe the inheritance of traits before scientists understood how the inheritance occurred?
  3. If you wanted to improve an existing plant/animal what would you do?
    you would bass breading on observable traits or they traits you wanted
  4. what hereditary material is found in every cell?
  5. what does DNA contain?
    all the produce required for a living organism
  6. what does DNA look like?
    a twisted ladder
  7. what is another name for a twisted ladder?
    double helix
  8. where is DNA found?
    in chromsomes
  9. What is a gene part of?
    the DNA code on a chromosomes
  10. how many different types of proteins make up DNA? what are they called?

    • adenine
    • thymine

    • cytosine
    • guanine
  11. What is the genetic makeup of the genes an organism has?
  12. genotype =

    phenotype =

    =you can see them
  13. list Chromosomes, Proteins, DNA, Cells, Genes in order from largest to smallest
    Cell, Chromosomes, DNA, Gene, Protenis
  14. What is mutation?
    the switching of proteins
  15. What can you see when you look at people?
    their phenotype
  16. Examples of how Environment effects phenotypes?
    different soil = different color flower petals

    leaves in full sunlight are thicker then those in partial sun

    trees grow differently when they grow alone or in a forest

    in the winter the Arctic Fox stops producing pigmentation so there fur turns white to match the snow
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