spanish reflexsive verbs

  1. sentarse
    to sit
  2. quedarse
    to stay
  3. irse
    to go away
  4. marcharse
    to leave
  5. darse prisa
    to be in hurry
  6. acerjcarse
    to come near
  7. alejarse
    to go away
  8. moverse
    to move
  9. pararse
    to stop at a place
  10. aburrirse
    to get bored
  11. acordarse
    to remember
  12. alistarse
    to get ready
  13. alegrarse
    to be glad
  14. callarse
    to be quiet
  15. casarse
    to get married
  16. darse cuenta de
    to realize
  17. despedirse
    to say goodbye
  18. divertirse
    to have fun
  19. enfadarse
    to get angry
  20. enojarse
    to get angry
  21. equivocarse
    to make a mistake
  22. hacerse
    to become
  23. hallarse
    to located
  24. mudarse
    to move
  25. negarse
    to refuse
  26. ocuparse
    to get busy
  27. olvidarse de
    to forget about
  28. ponerse furioso
    to get mad
  29. prepararse
    to get ready
  30. reunirse con
    to meet
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spanish reflexsive verbs
spanish reflexsive verbs