Elbow Ligaments

  1. List the ligaments and structures of the elbow
    • capsule
    • medial collateral ligament
    • lateral collateral ligament
    • annular ligament
  2. Joint Capulse
    • humeroulnar, humeroradial and superior radioulnar joints all within capsule
    • strengthened by ligaments
  3. Medial or Ulnar Collateral Ligament
    • Triangular shaped
    • Medial Stability
    • Medial Epicondyle to coroniod and olecranon prossess of ulna
    • Strengthens capsule
  4. Lateral or Radial Collateral Ligament
    • Triangular shaped
    • lateral stability
    • lateral epicndyle to annular ligament and lateral ulna
    • strenthens capsule
  5. Annular Ligament
    • Encompaasses radial head
    • attaches anteriorly and posteriorly to the radial notch of the ulna
    • holds the radius against the ulna
  6. Interosseous Membrane
    • Broad flat membrane
    • keeps radius and ulna together
    • provides more surface for muscle attachments
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