Phyl Final

  1. What is the brake and gas of the body? PNS/SNS?
    • PNS: brake
    • SNS: gas
  2. The ANS is broken into what two nervous systems?
    • PNS
    • SNS
  3. What does PAN AM SAM BEAN for? What does it mean?
    Axon routes.

    • Pns
    • Ach
    • Nicotinic

    • Ach
    • Muscurinic

    • Sns
    • Ach
    • Nicotinic

    • Beta
    • Epi
    • Alpha
    • N.E
  4. What nerves control neck and skin sensations?
    Cervical plexus nerves.
  5. Albuterol does what?
    Bronchodilator. Beta agonist.
  6. What do drugs that end with -zonin do?
    Alpha 1 antagonist
  7. What do drugs that end with -olol do?
    Beta 1 agonist.
  8. What receptors that Epi bind to?
  9. What do alpha-1 receptors do?
    Excite vessels
  10. What do alpha-2 receptors do?
    Relax vessels.
  11. What do beta-1 receptors do?
    Excite heart
  12. What do beta-2 receptors do?
    Relax lungs
  13. What do beta-3 receptors do?
    Excite fat cells.
  14. Lumbar roots supply what part of the body?
  15. What are the major muscles of the ant. arm? BBC.
    • Biceps brachii
    • brachialis
    • coraco-brachialis
  16. What are the three parts of the brain stem and what cranial nerves are found there?
    • Mid-brain: 3, 4
    • Pons: 5-8
    • Medulla: 9-12
  17. The difference between thalamus and hypothalamus?
    • Thalamus: relay station
    • Hypo: "high on pot"
  18. What is the difference between the cerebellum and cerebrum?
    • Cerebellum: coordination
    • Cerebrum: new skill is cerebrum. After it becomes second nature, cerebellum takes it.
  19. What type of cells line ventricles?
    Epedymal cells.
  20. What happens if you block the ventricles of the brain?
  21. What hormones do POSA help you remember?
    • Paraventricular nuclei secretes Oxytocin
    • Supraoptic secretes ADH
  22. What helps you remember nerves that control the eye?
    LR6 SO4 A3
  23. What helps you remember seonsory or motor or both for cranial nerves?
    Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Brains Matter Most
  24. What is bell's palsey?
    facial paralysis
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