Ch 22 Labor Unions

  1. What is macroeconomics?
    part of economics that deals with the economics as a whole and with behavior and decisions making by large units such as a labor union and government
  2. What is civilian labor force?
    men and women that are 16-65 years old who are either working or actively looking for a job
  3. What is a craft/trade union?
    a union make up of members who perform the same type of skilled labor
  4. What is a industrial union?
    a union that is makde up of all workers in a given industry regardless of the job each person performs
  5. What is a strike?
    a refusal to work until certain demands are met
  6. What is picketing?
    to march in front of a employer displaying signs about a labor dispute
  7. What is boycott?
    a mass refusal to buy a certain product
  8. What is a lockout?
    a refusal to let employees work until managements demands are met
  9. What is the antiuion legislation=Taft-Hartley Act?
    laws passed that were not in favor of unions. This act puts limits on what labor unions could do in labor management disputes. It limited the union's power by not allowing union membership to be a condition to be hired, it order union to give 60 days notice before going on strike, and it sets up riget to work laws.
  10. What is the prounion legislation=Wegner Act?
    favors labor unio, gives workers the right to join unions and bargin in collectively through their own chosen repersenative prevents discrimination against employees who engage in union act.
  11. What is a right-to-work-laws?
    a state law making it illegal to require a worker to join a union
  12. What are union shops?
    an arragement where don't have to belong to union to hire, but must join one soon after 30 days and remain as long as keeping job
  13. What is a collective bargaining?
    meeting occurs 1st in a union-managements meogotiaions, meeting b/w rep. from both sides and try to make compromise
  14. What is a mediation?
    if disputing pary can't agree on certain points through collective bargining than a 3rd party is brough to reccomend compromises
  15. What is arbitration: voluntary compulsory?
    when the union and management must place their diffences before a 3rd party decisions will be accepted as final and binding
  16. What is a skilled labor?
    workers are able to operate complex equipment and can do test with little supervision
  17. What is unskilled labor?
    workers in this category lack the training to operate specialized machines and equipment. most of the workers in this category work with their hands
  18. What is semi-skilled labor?
    • worker in this category have some mechanical abilities
    • ex. polishers, dishwashers
  19. What is professional labor?
    workers in this category have higher level with a 4 year college degree ex. doctors
  20. What is glass ceiling?
    an invisible barrier that prevents adv. up the white male-dominated corporate ladder
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