Med Surg

  1. allograft
    tissue harvested from a donor for use in another person
  2. amputation
    removal of abody part, usually a limb or part of a limb
  3. arthroscope
    surgical scope injected into the joint to examine or repair
  4. autograft
    tissue harvested from one area of the body and used for transplantation to another area of the same body
  5. avascular necrosis
    death of tissue secondary to a decrease or lack of perfusion
  6. contusion
    blunt force injury to soft tissue
  7. crepitus
    a grating sound or sensation by rubbing bony fragments together
  8. debridement
    surgical removal of contaminated and devitalized tissues and foreign material
  9. delayed union
    prolongation of expected healing time for a fracture
  10. disarticulation
    amputation through a joint
  11. dislocation
    complete seperation of joint surfaces
  12. fracture
    a break in the continuity of a bone
  13. fracture reduction
    restoration of fracture fragments into anatomic alignment
  14. malunion
    healing of a fracture bone in a malaligned position
  15. nonunion
    failure of fracture bones to heal together
  16. phantom limb pain
    pain perceived in an amputated section
  17. RICE
    acronym for rest, ice, compression, elevation
  18. sprain
    an injury to ligaments and muscles and other soft tissue at a joint
  19. strain
    a musculotendinous stress injury
  20. subluxation
    partial separation of joint surfaces
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