Muscle Testing Week 7

  1. Pectoralis Major Superior
    • Image Upload 1Patient supine
    • Stabilize the opposite shoulder
    • Test –Elbow extended;
    • shoulder at 90o flexion with slight medial rotation; adducted towards sternal end of clavicle
    • Pressure is on forearm in the direction of horizontal abduction
    • Innervation - Lateral Pectoral Nerve
  2. Pectoralis Major Inferior
    • Image Upload 2Patient Supine
    • Stabilize on opposite iliac crest
    • Test – elbow extended, shoulder in flexion and slight medial rotation
    • Pressure – Obliquely against forearm, in a lateral and cranial direction
    • Innervation - Medial & Lateral Pectoral Nerve
  3. Serratus Anterior
    • Image Upload 3
    • Patient – Supine
    • Stabilize – Under the shoulder at the inferior angle of the scapula
    • Abduction of the scapula projects arm anterior (upward)
    • Pressure S to I holding proximal to the patient’s wrist.
    • Innervation - Long Thoracic Nerve
  4. Teres Major
    • Image Upload 4
    • Patient prone
    • Stabilize opposite shoulder
    • Test – Extension and adduction of humerus in medial rotation
    • Pressure – against the arm above the elbow in direction of abduction and flexion
    • Innervation - Lower Subscapular nerve
  5. Teres Minor
    • Image Upload 5
    • Patient seated, elbow at 90 degrees and arm slightly abducted.
    • Doctor stabilizes upper arm away from elbow
    • Test – lateral rotation of the humerus with the elbow held at a right angle
    • Pressure – use forearm as a lever, pressure applied to medially rotate humerus
    • Innervation - Axillary
  6. Trapezius Superior
    • Image Upload 6Patient Seated
    • Test – Instruct patient to laterally flex head towards the side being tested, elevate that shoulder and rotate head away
    • Pressure – against the side of the head and shoulder as if to separate them
    • Innervation - Spinal Accessory
  7. Rhomboids
    • Image Upload 7Patient Seated
    • Patient’s elbow is flexed and shoulder slightly adducted
    • Stabilize on shoulder
    • Apply pressure as in a circular motion towards flexion and abduction
    • Innervation - Dorsal Scapular Nerve
  8. Lattisimus Dorsi
    • Image Upload 8Patient Standing
    • Test – Adduction of arm with extension, in the medially rotated position
    • Against forearm in direction of abduction and slight flexion of arm
    • Stabilize the shoulder being tested
    • Innervation - Thoracodorsal
  9. Supraspinatous
    • Image Upload 9
    • Patient Standing
    • Stabilize the opposite upper arm
    • Test – To isolate the muscle, patient is instructed to laterally flex head towards side being tested, extend head and rotate away.
    • Abduct arm approximately 15-20 degrees and press on forearm lateral to medial
    • Innervation - Suprascapular nerve
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Muscle Testing Week 7
Muscle Testing Week 7