Med Surg

  1. abduction
    movement away from the center or median line of the body
  2. adduction
    movement towards the center or median line of the body
  3. avascular necrosis
    death of tissue due to insufficient blood supply
  4. brace
    externally applied device to support the body or body part, control movement, and prevent injury
  5. cast
    rigid external immobilizing device molded to contours of the body part
  6. cast syndrome
    psychological (claustrophobic reaction) or physiologic (superior mesenteric artery syndrome) responses to confinement in body cast
  7. continuous passive motion (CPM) device
    a device that promotes range of motion, circulation, and healing
  8. edema
    soft tissue swelling due to fluid accumulation
  9. external fixator
    external metal frame attached to bone fragments to stabilize them
  10. fracture
    a break in the continuity of the bone
  11. heterotopic ossification
    misplaced formation of bone
  12. neurovascular status
    neurologic (motor and sensory component) and circulatory functioning of a body part
  13. open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF)
    open surgical procedure to repair and stabilize a fracture
  14. osteomyelitis
    infecgtion of the bone
  15. osteotomy
    surgical cutting of bone
  16. sling
    bandage used to support an arm
  17. splint
    device designed specifically to support and immobilize a body part in a deisred position
  18. traction
    application of a pulling force to a part of the body
  19. trapeze
    overhead assistive device to promote patient mobility in bed
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