Geography Test 3

  1. Most climates between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are:
    Tropical Rainy Climates (A)
  2. Which major climate group is not in the Southern hemisphere? Why?
    Microthermal (D) b/c of the lack of landmasses.
  3. Which climates are dry?
    Steppe climate (BS) and desert climate (BW)
  4. What climate dominates Australia?
    Arid/Dry (B)
  5. Where in the U.S. is there Tropical (A) climates?
  6. Where in the U.S. is there BWh (Hot Desert) climate?
    Arizona and Nevada
  7. What major climate group dominates Canada and Russia?
    Humid Microthermal (D)
  8. What climate makes up most of Western Europe?
    Marine West Coast (CFb, CFc)
  9. List the six major Koppen climates?
    • A: Humid Tropical
    • B: Arid/Dry
    • C: Humid Mesothermal (mild winters)
    • D: Humid Microthermal (severe winters)
    • E: Polar
    • H: Highlands
  10. What is the Lithosphere?
    A zone of brittle rock formed by the crust and uppermost mantle.
  11. How deep is the Crust?
    3-5 mi. under the sea, 25 mi. under the continents.
  12. The continental crust is made of mostly
  13. The oceanic crust is made of:
  14. What is the Asthenosphere?
    The semi-rigid/plastic part of the upper mantle that flows like hot asphalt under the Lithosphere.
  15. How deep is the mantle?
    1800 mi.
  16. Pangea was divided into two continents:
    Gondwana and Laurasia
  17. List the three major plate boundaries
    • Divergent
    • Convergent
    • Transform
  18. Divergent Plate Boundaries create...
    crustal ridges and new ocean floors.
  19. Convergent Plate Boundaries are associated with...
    plate subduction.
  20. How many ways can convergent plates converge?
    • ocean-continent
    • ocean-ocean
    • continent-continent
  21. Name some of the 32 tectonic plates
    • Eurasian Plate
    • Pacific "
    • Australian "
    • Antarctic "
    • African "
    • Arabian "
    • Caribbean "
  22. Isostasy refers to the
    equalization of hydrostatic pressure that affects the Earth's lithosphere and topography.
  23. The most explosive type of volcano is the..
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