1. the primary palate forms from which process?
  2. Why does the tongue move from the pharynx to the oral cavity?
    to move out of the way of the palatal shelves that 'snap' upward
  3. in the case of cleft uvula, what happened?
    palatal shelves (secondary palate) didn't fuse completely in the back
  4. can you ever have a unilateral cleft of the secondary palate?
    no, because the secondary palate forms when the bilateral shelves fuse with each other in the middle, so if one doesn't, the other won't have anything to fuse with either
  5. the nasal septum forms from which process?
    frontonasal process
  6. snoring and other problems can be caused by a___________
    deviated septum
  7. base of tongue
  8. body of tongue
    tuberculum impar
  9. epiglottis
    epiglottic swelling
  10. the cells that anchor the tongue didnt' degenerate enough, so they restrict movement of the tongue
  11. what is the purpose of the epiglottis?
    it covers the trachea when we swallow food and water to stop us from drowning
  12. the___________is the opening to the thyroglossal duct
    foramen cecum
  13. the fusion between the lateral lingual swellings creates the_____________ while the fusion between the body and the base of the tongue creates the__________
    • median lingual sulcus
    • sulcus terminalis
  14. why is the tongue innervated by so many different nerves?
    becuase it comes from so many different branchial arches
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