1. In which of the following locations would you find pseudostratified epithelium?
    lining blood vessels
    in the superficial oral mucosa
    lining the upper respiratory tract
    in the superficial skin
    lining the upper respiratory tract
  2. List the structures in epithelium from deep to superficial
    connective tissue, reticular lamina, lamina densa, lamina lucida, epithelium
  3. lines the bone marrow, similar to perichondrium
  4. connective tissue sheath that surrounds the entire bone
  5. innermost part of the bone where blood cells are produced
    bone marrow
  6. surrounds the bone marrow, spongy
    cancellous bone
  7. surrouns the cancellous bone, very dense
    compact bone
  8. The inorganic substance that mineralizes bone and enamel is called?
    calcium hydroxyapatite
  9. true or false. Afferent nerves carry messages from the brain to the body. Efferent nerves carry messages from the body to the brain.
    both are false, it is opposite
  10. What are the 2 layers of connective tisue proper?
    • loose connective tissue proper
    • dense connective tissue proper
  11. ________work together to form tissues. Tissues work together to form__________. Same word as in the 2nd blank work together to form__________
    • cells
    • organs
    • systems
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