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  1. before erupton of the tooth and after enamel maturation, which cells secrete a basal lamina on the surface that serves as a portion of the primary epithelial attachment
  2. the attached gingiva and buccal mucosa are mainly pinkish in color and not reddish due to the what?
    increased thickness of the epithelial layers
  3. Where does cell renewal of the junctional epithelium take place?
    basal layer of the tissue
  4. The free gingival groove separates the attached gingiva from the_________
    marginal gingiva
  5. List the 3 medications that can cause gingival hyperplasia
    • phenytoin sodium (dilantin)
    • cyclosporines
    • nifedipine
  6. gingival recession is measured from the______to the___________
    • cementoenamel junction
    • free gingival margin
  7. What stops your probe when inserted into the gingival sulcus?
    epithelial attachment
  8. sulcular epithelium is to tightly packed desmosomes as_____________is to___________
    • junctional epithelium
    • loosely packed desmosoes
  9. during gingivitis, the junctional epithelium is more permeable, this allows the migration of__________but also lets____________into the tissue
    • white blood cells
    • bacteria
  10. which of these is not a feature of periodontitis?
    bleeding on probing
    furcations may be present
    teeth may be mobile
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