Elbow Joint

  1. Supraglenoid Tubercle
    raised portion ofn the superior lip of the glenoid fossa
  2. Infraglenoid Tubercle
    raised portion on the inferior lip of the glenoid fossa
  3. Trochlea of the Humerus
    medial side articulates with ulna
  4. Capitulum of Humerus
    lateral side next to trochlea articulates with radial head
  5. Medial Epicondyle
    medial side aboe the trochlea larger and more prominent than the later epicondyle
  6. Lateral Epicondyle
    Above the capitulum
  7. Lateral supracondylar ridge
    above the lateral epicondyle
  8. olecranon fossa of the ulna
    posterior surface between the medial and lateral epicondyles
  9. trochlear = semilunar notch of the ulna
    articulates with trochlea
  10. Coronoid process of the ulna
    just below the trochlear notch
  11. Radial notch of the ulna
    proimal end on laterside and just distal to trochlear notch artiulation with radial head
  12. ulnar tuberosity
    located below the coroniod process
  13. styloid process of ulna
    distal end posterior medial surface
  14. Radial tuberssity
    medial side near the proximal end
  15. Styloid Preocess of the radius
    posterior lateral side at the distal end
  16. What makes up the elbow joint?
    • 3 bones
    • humerus ulna and raduis
    • 3 ligaments
    • 2 joints
    • 1 capsule
  17. Movement at the elbow
    • Felxion 145
    • extension 0
    • active hyperextension blocked by the olecranon processof ulna fitting inot olecrannon fossa on humerus
  18. Joints at the Elbow
    • Humeroulnar joint
    • humeroradial joint
    • superior radioulnar joint
    • inferior radioulnar joint
  19. Humeroulanar and Humeroradial Joints
    • Uniaxial hinge joint
    • flexion and extension in the saggital plane
  20. Radioular joint
    • considered one joint - uniaxial hinge joint
    • radius moves around ulna
  21. Carrying Angle
    • longitudianl axes of the jumerus and forearm form and angle
    • men ~5 women ~10-15
  22. What causes the carrying angle?
    • the angle occures becuase the distal end of the humerus is not level.
    • the trochlea on medal side is lower than the capitulum on the lateral side
    • as the ulna and radius rotate about the trochlea
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