acute/inhalation wkst 2

  1. build up of blood in the pericardium is termed
    cardiac tamponade
  2. fracture of a rib in two or more places results in
    free floating portion of the rib cage
  3. accumulation of air in the soft tissues is described as
    subcutaneous emphysema
  4. treatment for subcu emphysema
    positive pressure ventilation or surgical
  5. presence of blood in the pleural space is termed
  6. presence of air in the pleural space is termed
  7. treatment for hemothorax and pnemothorax
    • o2 therapy
    • hyperinflation therapy
    • mech vent
    • airway management/suction
    • chest tube placement
    • iv fluids or blood
    • pain management
  8. portion of the chest wall moves inward during ins and outward during expiration, is referred to as
    paradoxical chest movement
  9. where does the mediastinum shift in a tension pneumothorax from the affected side?
    away from the affected side
  10. cutting the cutaneous layer of skin to release pressure after a thermal injury is termed
  11. what should be evaluated with a patient with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning
    • cherry red skin color (unreliable if pt is hypotensive)
    • loss of mental acquity- loss of consciousness
    • tachycardia
    • dysrhthmias
  12. metabolism is generally ______ immediately following a severe thermal injury
  13. metabolism becomes ______ in the intermediate and late stages
  14. degree of burn

    damage extends through the epidermis and dermis
    second degree
  15. degree of burn

    first degree
  16. degree of burn

    damage is limited to the epidermis
    first degree
  17. degree of burn

    damage extends into the subcutaneous tissue, hair follicles, sweat glands, and nerves
    third degree
  18. degree of burn

    second degree
  19. degree of burn

    absence of pain
    third degree
  20. t/f

    fluid resuscitation and monitoring of urine output is essential in the treatment of burns
  21. burn pt's are immediately placed in isolation to protect those entering the pt room from infection
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acute/inhalation wkst 2
acute/inhalation wkst 2