Virgil Book 2

  1. Mymidons
    Fiercest warriors according to the Illiad and commanded by Achilles
  2. Achilles
    Greek Hero
  3. Dolopia
    Located North of Aetolia
  4. Neopotlemus
    Sonn of Achilles, killed Priam
  5. Ulixes (odysseus)
    athe argive (hero of the Odyssey)
  6. Capys
    A Trojan who warned of the Horse
  7. Lacoon
    A trojan priest who warned of the horse and was killed by sea snakes
  8. Palomedes
    son of Belus, put to death by greeks for objecting to the trojan war
  9. Calchas
    A greek seer and preist who befriended Ulixes
  10. Eurypulus
    Hero of the Trojan war
  11. Pelops
    Greece, Pelopenisia
  12. Diomede
    Hero of the Trojan war
  13. Tenedos
    Island famous for its wine,grapes, and red pepper
  14. Larisa
    Home land of Achilles
  15. Tydeus
    Father of Diomede
  16. Cassandra
    Daughter of Priam; gifted and cursed by apolo with foresight but none would believe her
  17. Sinon
    Greek that tricked the Trojans about the Horse and opened its hatch
  18. Thessandrus
    Leader of the greeks, of the first ot exit the horse.
  19. Acamas
    Son of Theseus
  20. Thoas
    Son of Adraemon + Gorge one to jump out of the horse
  21. Peleus
    Father of Achilles
  22. Machoan
    son of Asclipius, a physician
  23. Creusa
    Aeneas' Wife
  24. Anchises
    Aeneas's Father
  25. Deiphobus
    prine of Troy, son of Riam and Hecuba
  26. Ucalegon
    an elder of Troy
  27. Sigeum
    Achilles' neighbor
  28. Panthus
    priest of Apollo
  29. Epeos
    Made the Trojan Horse
  30. Phipeus
    Trojan Hero
  31. Epytus
    Trojan Hero
  32. Hypanis
    Trojan Hero
  33. Dymas
    Trojan Hero
  34. Coroebus
    Son of Mygdon, in love with Cassandra
  35. Androgeos
    Greek soldier who mistook Trojans for Greeks and was killed
  36. Atreus
    Father of Agamemnon and Menelaus
  37. Nereus
    Titan of the sea, son of Pontus and Gaia
  38. Iphitus
    a commrade of Aeneas and Trojan hero
  39. Pelias
    a commrade of Aeneas and Trojan hero
  40. Andromache
    wife of hector
  41. Astayanax
    son of Hector
  42. Periphas
    part of the Greek raidig party
  43. Automedin
    Charioteerand armour beerer of achilles
  44. Scyros
    Greek archapelago in the aegean sea
  45. Hecuba
    Wife of Priam
  46. Polites
    Son of priam, killed by Pyrrhus
  47. Mt. Ida
    Mt in Asia Minor
  48. Ceres
    Goddes of motherly relationships, fertility, and crops
  49. Lucifer
    • : also known as the "Morning Star" is the
    • light bringer (lux lucis).
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