Social Studies Explorers Review

  1. What events or technology caused exploration? Name 5
    • Causes ---> Effects
    • Crusades ---> Compete for Asian goods
    • Marco Polo Discovers route ---> Countries try for water route
    • Portugal (DeGama) finds Water route ---> Countries sailed west
    • Spain (Columbus) finds Americas ---> Countries sought NWP
    • Spain (Magellan) circumnavigate ---> Countries settled
    • Weapons ---> Conquered Natives
    • Printing Press ---> News Travel Faster
    • Caravels ---> Easier Sailing
  2. What goals did Countries aim for and what did they accomplish? (Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Dutch)
    • Goals ---> Accomplishments
    • Italy Route to Asia ---> Land route to Asia
    • Portugal Water route to Asia ---> Water Route to Asia, Cape of Good Hope
    • Spain Sail Westward to get to Asia ---> Discovered America and took over Natives/Empires
    • France Find NWP North ---> Settled in North, and had fur trade
    • Dutch Causes ---> Discovered Hudson River and Great Lakes.
  3. How did Spain's conquest affect the economic and social development of the Americas?
    • Economics:They exported more than they imported
    • Social:Started slavery and forced people to convert to Christianity.
  4. Why do countries have colonies?
    • Trade/money
    • God (religion)
    • Glory/Fame
  5. What were the Spanish, French and Dutch's interactions with the Natives?
    • Spain:Took them over,converted their religion, enslaved them for large plantations.
    • French:Befriended the Natives, assisted them, colonized North
    • Dutch:Ignored them and continued to trade.
  6. Who was Christopher Columbus?
    He was an explorer for Portugal, and sailed for Spain for his voyage west.
  7. What did Christopher Columbus do that no one else did?
    He traveled west in hopes to find Asia, but discovered America instead.
  8. What did Christopher Columbus discover?
    He discovered America, but died before he knew that he was in America.
  9. How did Christopher Columbus change history?
    When he discovered America, many countries began setting up colonies, and if it weren't for Christopher Columbus's voyage, we wouldn't be here in the USA.
  10. Where were the Spanish, French, and English colonies? Where was Jamestown?
    • Image Upload 1
    • Jamestown is in Virginia
  11. What nation first settled in North America?
  12. Columbian Exchange
    The exchange of goods, idea's, and people between Eurasia and the America's.
  13. Who started the Columbian exchange?
  14. What are two good things about the Columbian Exchange? What are two bad things about it?
    • += Brought new animals to America's and Eurasia, Brought natural resources throughout the world
    • -= Spread of disease, enslaved people
  15. What made France profitable?
    Fish and Fur
  16. Conquistador
    A Spanish sailor who conquered civilizations, like Cortez and Pizarro.
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Social Studies Explorers Review
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