Pharm Calc

  1. Matients that require individualized dosage
    • neonates and other pediatric patients
    • elderly patients with diminished biologic functions
    • patients with compromised liver and or kidney function
    • critically ill patients
    • patients being treated with highly toxic chemotherapeutic agents
  2. Premature
    less than 37 weeks old
  3. neonate (newborn)
    birth-1 month
  4. infant
    1 month-1 year
  5. early childhood
    1 year-5 years
  6. late childhood
    6 years-12 years
  7. adolescence
    13 years-17 years
  8. pediatric drug dosing factors
    • age
    • weight
    • overall health status
    • condition of biologic functions (respiration, circulation)
    • stage of development of body systems for drug metabolism and elimination
  9. Geriatric Patients
    • age related physiologic functions (beak before 30 years of age and gradual subsequent decline)
    • kidney function( major consideration in drug dosing, reduced function results in reduced drug elimination)
  10. Geriatric drug dosing factors
    • age
    • weight
    • body surface area
    • health and disease status
    • pharmacokinetic factors
  11. drug dose based on age
    • pediatric patients used to be treated as minature adults
    • pediatric dose was a fraction of the adult dose based on relative age
    • this is NOT used today!!!!!
  12. Drug dose based on body weight
    • specific quantity of drug per unit of patient weight
    • miligrams of drug per kilogram of body weight
    • (mg/kg)
  13. Patient dose=
    Patient BSA (m2) divided by 1.73 m2 (miltiplied by the drug dose in mg)
  14. nomogram
    • includes both weight and height
    • draw a straight line connecting the persons height and weight

    • point at which the line intersects the center column indicates the persons BSA is m2
    • (the chart given)
  15. BSA equation
    • BSA (m2)=
    • square root of ht(mm) times wt(kg) all divided by 3600
  16. chemotherapy
    • treatment of disease with chemical drugs or chemotherapeutic agents
    • mainstay of cancer treatment
    • single or multiple doses
    • treatment cycles
  17. D
  18. -
  19. ,
  20. D 1-4
    days 1 to 4 (4 days)
  21. D 1,4
    days 1 and 4 (2 days)
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