Pharm Calc Cards

  1. Dose definition
    amount administered or taken by a patient for the intended medicinal effect
  2. single dose
    amount taken at 1 time
  3. daily dose
    amount taken in one day
  4. total dose
    amount taken during the course of therapy
  5. dosage regimen
    schedule of dosing (four times a day for 10 days)
  6. determining the dose of a drug
    • biochemical and pharmacological activity
    • physical and chemical properties
    • dosage form used
    • route of administration
    • various patient focus
  7. Patient Factors
    • age
    • weight
    • body surface area
    • general physical health
    • liver and kidney function
    • severity of the illness being treated
  8. usual adult dose
    amount that produces the medicinal efect intended in the adult patient
  9. usual pediatric dose
    amount that produces the medical effect intended for the infant of child patient
  10. usual dose range
    amount of drug that may be prescribed within the guidelines of usual medical practice
  11. drug use and dose information
    • package labeling and inserts
    • drug facts and comparisons
    • physicians desk reference
    • pediatric dosage handbook
    • generic dosage handbook
    • drug information handbook
    • epocrates
    • lexi-comp
  12. median effective dose
    amount that produces the desired intensity of effect in 50% of the individuals tested
  13. median toxic dose
    amount that produces toxic effects in 50% of the individuals tested
  14. minimum effective concentration (MEC)
    minimum concentration that can be expected to produce the drugs desired effects in a patient (above value)
  15. minimum toxic concentration (MTC)
    base level of blood serum concentration that produces dose-related toxic effects (below value)
  16. priming or loading dose
    larger than usual initial dose given to achieve the desired blood drug level
  17. maintenance drug
    used to sustain the desired drug blood level/drug effects
  18. Primary responsibilities of the pharmacist
    • check doses specified in prescription
    • based on a knowledge of usual doses, usual dose ranges, and dosage regimens
  19. oral
  20. sublingual
    under tongue
  21. parenteral
  22. transdermal
  23. conjunctival
  24. intranasal
  25. rectal
  26. vaginal
  27. urethral
  28. teaspoonful
    • 5 mL
    • household teaspoons may vary from 3-7 mL
  29. tablespoonful
    • 15 mL
    • household tablespoons may vary from 15-22 mL
  30. 1 mL H2O is how many grams
    1 gram (1000 mg)
  31. 1 drop is how many mg
    50 mg
  32. 20 drops/mL
  33. Callibration of droppers
    count the drops of liquid as they fall into a graduate until a measurable volume is obtained (complete ratio)
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