Nervous System

  1. Neuron
    • Nerve cells
    • What brain uses to process information
  2. Glia
    Insulates neurons
  3. Cell Body
    Part of neuron that holds nucleus
  4. Dendrites
    • Retrieve info from other neurons
    • Long branch like things
  5. Axon
    Thin strands that info travels down in neuron
  6. Action Potential
    More positive ions in cell than negative
  7. Resting Potential
    More negative ions in cell than positive
  8. Graded Potential
    The switch of positive negative transmissions
  9. Synapse
    Space in between neurons
  10. Terminal Boutons
    • On end of neuron
    • Releases neurotransmitters
  11. Neurotransmitter
    Chemical activating other neurons
  12. Parkinsons Disease
    Disease where someone has low level of dopamine
  13. Acetylcholine
    • Memory, Arousal, attention, motivation
    • In PNS and CNS
    • Found at junction of nerves and muscles
  14. Norephinephrine
    Learning, memory, mood

  15. Dopamine
    • Movement, learning attention, emotions
    • Schizo
    • Depression
    • Parkinsons
  16. Serotonin
    • Sleep, mood hunger arousal
    • Depression
    • Anorexia
  17. GABA
    • Hunger, sleep
    • found in synapses
    • Anxiety
  18. Endorphines
    • Emotions and pain
    • Mimicked by opiates
  19. Excitatory Neurotransmitter
    Brings dendrites closer to threshold by letting positive ions in
  20. Inhibitory Neurotransmitter
    Moves dendrites away from threshold by negative ions rushing in
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