US Constitution

  1. What is the purpose of the preamble?
    to state the broad purposes the constitution is intended to serve.
  2. What is the age qualification for the House of Representatives?
    25 yrs old
  3. How long is a term in the House?
    2 yrs
  4. Who is my representative in the House?
    Mike Quigley
  5. What is the highest office in the House?
    The Speaker of the House
  6. Who at present is the Speaker of the House?
    Nancy Pelosi
  7. What is the age qualification for the senate?
    30 yrs old
  8. How long is the term for Senate?
    6 yrs
  9. What is the highest office in the senate? Who holds it? What is their only power?
    President of the senate, VP of the US (Joe Biden), may vote to break a tie
  10. Who are my senators?
    Dick Durbin and Roland Burris
  11. What is the formula for election day?
    The tuesday after the first monday in november of every even numbered year
  12. In most cases, how does a bill become a law?
    The bill must be passed by majority vote in the senate and the house. It then goes to the president, who will sign it.
  13. Explain the usual check in the process of a bill becoming a law.
    The president can veto the bill.
  14. What does "overriding the veto" mean? Is this another check?
    A presidential veto may be overridden by a 2/3 in each house. It is a check on the executive branch (president).
  15. Name five powers of congress.
    • coin money
    • regulate both foreign and interstate trade
    • provide for and regulate the transportation and delivery of mail
    • provide for and maintain the nation's armed forces
    • tax
  16. Explain the elastic clause.
    It is the constitutional basis for the many and far-reaching implied powers of the Federal government. It is very vague. they didn't know what kinds of problems would come up. The EC can give powers.
  17. What is the age and birth requirements for the president and VP?
    35 years old, born a citizen of the US
  18. How long is a presidential term?
    4 years
  19. In the original document, was there any limit on terms? Same today?
    not in the original, today 2 term limit
  20. What is the presidential order of succession?
    President, VP, speaker of the house, president pro tempore
  21. Explain these presidential powers:
    commander in chief
    granting pardons
    • he is in charge of the nation's armed forces, can send troops anywhere
    • He can grant pardons only to federal cases, "forgive" crimes
  22. Name some presidential appointments. Are they checked?
    The president appoints the cabinet members and all federal judges. Yes, the senate has to approve (confirm)
  23. What must the president do yearly?
    Must deliver a state of the union message to congress
  24. What is the meaning of impeach?
    To charge a public official with wrongdoing in office
  25. Which branches can be impeached?
    executive and judicial
  26. Describe the check and balance process if a president were impeached. What can a president be impeached for?
    • the House impeaches, the senate tries, and the Chief Justice of US is judge. 2/3 vote of senate for guilt.
    • high crimes, misdemeanors, obstruction of justice, bribery, perjury, lying to a grand jury, treason
  27. Article 3 establishes the federal court system. What type of cases do federal courts hear?
    bribing a public official, counterfeiting money, mail fraud, kidnapping, illegal immigration, controversies between 2 or more states
  28. what is the highest federal court?
    the US supreme court
  29. Who is the current Chief Justice?
    John Roberts
  30. how long is the term of a federal judge? how do they get this job?
    life term; appointed by president
  31. what is treason?
    crime against one's own country by providing comfort and aid to enemy
  32. (article 4) give an example of public acts and records
    each state must recognize the validity of laws, public records and court decisions of every other state: drivers licenses, marriage
  33. is there such a thing as state citizenship?
  34. explain the extradition process
    the process of returning a fugitive to another state. governor may refuse to extradite a prisoner, courts can compel governor to do it.
  35. explain the usual amending process (article five)
    amendment proposed by 2/3 vote in each house in congress, ratified by 3/4 of state legislature
  36. in article 6, what does the supremacy clause mean?
    US constitution is highest, federal laws are more supreme than state laws.
  37. article 7 concerns ratification. what is the number needed to ratify?
    9 of 13
  38. what are the 5 freedoms of the 1st amendment?
    press, religion, assembly, petitions, speech (PRAPS)
  39. what did amendment 2 say?
    people have the right to bear arms
  40. what are the magic words needed for a search warrant? Which amendment is this in?
    probable cause, 4th amendment
  41. what rights are referred to as the Miranda rights?
    the rights read when you are arrested- right to remain silent, attorney,
  42. amendments 5 and 6 are considered the rights of the accused. what are some of the rights mentioned?
    • protection against self incrimination
    • right to be tried in court without undue delay and by an impartial jury
  43. explain double jeopardy
    no one will be tried twice for the same crime.
  44. explain eminent domain (5th amendment)
    • right to own property
    • private property cannot be taken without just cause. the owner must be compensated
  45. IL has a moratorium on the death penalty. What does this mean and why do we have it?
    temporary ban on the death penalty. because innocent people were in prison
  46. explain amendent 13 and 15
    • 13- forbids slavery in US
    • 15- any male citizen of US can vote, regardless of race, color and servitude
  47. explain amendments 17 and 19
    • 17-senators are elected by voters in each state
    • 19-women's suffrage
  48. why is the 20th amendment the lame duck amendment?
    shortens the period of time from election day to inauguration day when the person in office is a "lame duck"
  49. when is inauguration day?
    january 20
  50. explain amendment 22
    no president may serve more than 2 terms
  51. according to amendment 25, what would happen if a president were unable to fulfill his duties?
    VP would take over with the signing of a document to transfer the powers,only in death, resignation or removal
  52. what happens if there is a vacancy in the VP?
    president nominated new VP, 2/3 vote in congress
  53. explain amendment 26
    the minimum voting age for any US election is 18. vietnam war helped pass this because peolpe that young were being drafted.
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