History 16.2

  1. Hugoenots
    French Protestants
  2. Henry IV
    A Huguenot prince who inherited the French throne in 1589
  3. Edit of Nantes
    law issued by French King Henry IV in 1598 giving more religious freedom to French Protestants
  4. Cardinal Richelieu
    Louis XIII chief minister
  5. Louis XIV
    inherited the throne at 5 years old after Cardinal Richelieu
  6. Intendant
    official appointed by French King Louis XIV to govern the provinces, collect taxes, and recruit soldiers
  7. Jean-Baptiste Colbert
    Louis XIV's brilliant finance minister
  8. Versailles
    Royal French residence and seats of government established by King Louis XIV
  9. Levee
    morning ritual during which nobles would wait upon French King Louis XIV (rising)
  10. Balance of Power
    Distribution of military and economic power that prevents any one nation from becoming too strong.
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History 16.2
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