Chp 1 Programming

  1. What is Alice?
    Alice is a programming environment that programs characters & objects in a virtual world using 3-dimensional space with each object containing properties.
  2. What is an object?
    Anything that can be represented by data in the memory of a computer and manipulated by a computer program.
  3. Computer Program
    A step-by-step set of instructions that tells a computer how to perform specific tasks
  4. Object
    Can be tangible or abstract
  5. Properties
    Describe the object, weight, location and direction
  6. Object methods
    Programs that manipulate the properties of an object
  7. Class of objects
    Set of similar objects that each have the same properties and methods but may have different values (like might be taller)
  8. Instance
    Each individual object is called an instance
  9. Instantiation
    The process of adding an individual object to a world
  10. OOP
    Object orientated programming
  11. IDE
    Integrated Development Environment--a computer program that is used to facilitate the writing of other computer programs has a Text editor, debugger and object library
  12. Alice IDE
    Alice interface
  13. Function
    Computes & returnes a value
  14. Properties
    • Describe the object in some way
    • color
    • position
    • weight
  15. Object method
    • Programs that manipulate the properties on an object
    • ex:
    • Turn
  16. State
    Values that are stored in the properties of any one object
  17. Object tree
    • Has four object titles
    • World
    • Camera
    • Light
    • Ground
  18. Detail area
    Shows properties, methods and functions
  19. Encapsulated methods
    • Can be changed within other programs, but they cannot be changed or edited because their details are hidden
    • No edit button
  20. Primitive Method
    Example of Encapsulated
  21. Editor Area
    Methods are assembled here by clicking & dragging titles
  22. Events Area
    Shows existing events & is used to create new events
  23. Events
    • Consists of a condition, called an event trigger & the name of a method called an event handler
    • Ex:
    • Pressing the "s" key
  24. Clipboard icon
    Used to copy instruction tiles in Alice methods drag & drop it
  25. Object tree
    To the left of the World window, shows the objects of the current Alice World
  26. Event driven software
    Software with events where user can manipulate with mouse & keyboard
  27. User Created Methods
    Has an edit button and user can change behaviors
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