World History II

  1. total control and power in the hands of one/ uses conflict to justify control/ believes in violence to achieve its aims/ the individual is always worth less than the state:
  2. -gave leaders titles
    -permanent dictatorship
    -look to the glorious past
    -limited private ownership
    -right-winged politically
    -extreme nationalists
  3. -temporary dictatorship
    -look to the future
    -no private ownership
    -left-winged politically
  4. 1st communist totalitarianist country
  5. ran the russian gov't w/ controlled economy/ ppl learned that they would never move up w/ this system
  6. incentive to work harder. if you made extra, you could keep it (agricultural), if you exceded quota in factory, you get a bonus
    New Economic Policy (NEP)
  7. two men who fought over Lenin's position after he died
    Trotsky and Stalin
  8. small group of gov't just under the leader (Russia)
  9. Stalin set this up to help industry. Said they would take 5 years to make big machinery, then they could make consumer goods. met goal in 4 years, but Stalin added on another 5 years. Never made it to consumer goods.
    5 year plan
  10. Stalin organized collective farms. collect land together and pppl and crops would be assigned. given poor seed and machinery. never worked. ppl in Ukrane stood up to him and got killed
  11. name of chief deputy Stalin had killed by an assassin and used it as an excuse to begin purges to cleanse Russia of 'old enemies'
  12. the order that Stalin performed the purges:
    • 1. Old Bolsheviks
    • 2. Military leaders
    • Last: the assassin who killed Kirov
  13. Positives to Stalin's rule: (2)
    • -ppl had jobs
    • -little bit of free medical care
  14. Problems in Italy after WWI: (3)
    • 1. mad about terms at end of WWI
    • 2. Very Facist
    • 3. high poverty
  15. port city in Yugolsavia that Orlando wanted. had much trade to and from Russia
  16. group of unemployed veterans organized by Mussolini
    Italian International Facist Party
  17. ruler of Italy post-WWI
    Victor Emanuel III
  18. violent facist group who told Mussolini to get tough
    Black Shirts
  19. socialist who was kidnapped from office and killed by Black Shirts
  20. Mussolini's new rules included: (4)
    • -no unions
    • -no strikes
    • -no free press
    • -controlled education
  21. Mussolini divided the country into:
    13 syndicates
  22. the area w/ which the whole of Europe would revolve around
    Rome-Berlin Axis
  23. the 'center of the world' once Japan joined:
    Rome-Berlin-Japan Axis
  24. facist ruler of Spain who stepped down and gave power back to the royal family:
    Francisco Franco
  25. German communists who tried and failed to take control:
  26. two rulers of the Sparticists:
    • Karl Liebknecht
    • Rosa Luxemberg
  27. elected president in the Weimar Republic of Germany:
  28. Hitler was supported by: (3)
    • 1. ppl who lost everything
    • 2. anti communists
    • 3. disillusioned college students
  29. what was the group called that Hitler formed early on when trying to gain followers:
    Hitler Youth
  30. Hitler as Chancelor: (5)
    • 1. dismissed legislature
    • 2. called for new elections (had SA enforce votes)
    • 3. burned Reichstag Bldg. (blamed it on communists)
    • 4. Enabeling Acts (gave him dictator power for 4 yrs.)
    • 5. appointed himself president & chancelor (under Enabling Act)
  31. Hitler's Top Officials: (5)
    • 1. Goering
    • 2. Himmler
    • 3. Goebbels
    • 4. Streicher
    • 5. Von Ribbontrop
  32. founded the Gestapo. later headed the Luftwaffe (Germ. Air Force)
  33. took over Gestapo after Goering left. Also headed SS (Hitler's private bodyguards)
  34. propoganda minister. job was to make ppl believe Hitler
  35. Anti-sematic Propoganda
  36. foreign minister
    Von Ribbontrop
  37. 'self-sufficient' Hitler wanted Germany to be self-sufficient. this is when they came up w/ Rayon fabric
  38. private army. helped Hitler get private audiences and majority in legislation. Regular army was jealous of them.
  39. because of the regular army's jealousy of the SA, Hitler told the reg. army to find the SA and kill them
    Blood Purge
  40. Hitler wanted to create blonde hair/ blue eyed, Aryan race (like the Scandinavians)
    Master Race
  41. What did Hitler do to please ppl:
    • 1. put men to work building roads and cheap homes
    • 2. ordered Volkswagon to build cheap cars
    • 3. created 'Strength Through Joy' to give workers three 4-day vacations @ gov't resorts for 'family time'
  42. law that said the Jews were the greatest criminals of all time and they should be prosecuted. 1/4 Jew couldn't be German citicen. Jew couldn't marry German
    Nuremberg Laws of 1935
  43. An organized, often officially encouraged massacre or persecution of a minority group, especially one conducted against Jews
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