CH 9 Quiz 8

  1. methcathinone
    one of the most potent psychostimulants to be introduced into the US and it appears to be as addictive as crack cocaine and methamphetamine
  2. cathinone
    "khat" plant
    methcathinone is a derivative of a naturally occurring stimulant drug,...... which is found in the ...... native to africa and the southern Arabian peninsula
  3. amphetamine
    an american pharmaceutical company ordered preliminary studies on its (methcathinone) potential medical use and determined that it had substantial side effects essentially identical to those of .....
  4. intranaously
    orally , intravenously or by smoking
    the most common means of taking methcathinone is ...... but it is also admin ........
  5. moda finil (Provigil)
    a new wake promoting agent was approved by the FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy
  6. Premoline
    • this drug increases attention and relieves fatigue
    • there are no reports of abuse possibly because it has a slow onset of action
  7. Premoline
    its present use is limited to the occasional treatment of ADHD in children
  8. release of CAs and the blocking of CA reuptake
    Premolines pharmacological action is the relevent concentrations
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