Spanish Subjunctive Vocab

  1. Querer
    to want
  2. Desear
    to desire
  3. Preferir
    to prefer
  4. Sugerir
    to suggest
  5. Aconsejar
    to advise
  6. Recomendar
    to recommend
  7. Pedir
    to ask for
  8. Rogar
    to beg
  9. Rezar
    to pray
  10. Decir
    to tell/order
  11. Mandar
    to command/order
  12. Prohibir
    to prohibit
  13. Permitir
    to permit/allow
  14. Insistir en
    to insist on
  15. Negar
    to deny
  16. Dudar
    to doubt
  17. No creer
    to not believe
  18. No pensar
    to not think
  19. Sentir
    to be sorry/regret
  20. Temer
    to fear
  21. Esperar
    to hope
  22. Alegrarse de
    to be glad
  23. Es imposible
    It is impossible
  24. Es posible
    It is possible
  25. Es probable
    It is probable
  26. Es dudoso
    It is doubtful
  27. Es (una) lastima
    It is a pity
  28. Es sorprendente
    It is surprising
  29. Es importante
    It is important
  30. Es mejor
    It is better
  31. Es preferible
    It is preferable
  32. Es necesario
    It is necessary
  33. Es preciso
    It is necessary
  34. Es dificil
    It is difficult
  35. Es facil
    It is easy
  36. Es extrano
    It is strange
  37. Es raro
    It is rare
  38. Es triste
    It is sad
  39. No es verdad
    It is not true
  40. No es cierto
    It is not true/certain
  41. No es seguro
    It is not sure
  42. No es claro
    It is not clear
  43. No es evidente
    It is not evident
  44. Ojala
    I hope
  45. Es verdad que
    It is true that
  46. Es cierto que
    It is certain that
  47. Es evidente que
    It is evident that
  48. Es obvio que
    It is obvious that
  49. Es seguro que
    It is sure that
  50. Es claro que
    It is clear that
  51. No es dudoso que
    It is not doubtful that
  52. No dudar
    to not doubt
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