1. a priori
    based on something known/assumed
  2. abase
    to belittle somebody/act in an undignified way
  3. abate
    to become less/to end or suppress/to reduce something
  4. abject
    cast down in spirit/servile, spiritless
  5. ablution
    ritual washing/washing yourself
  6. abound
    be well supplied
  7. abrest
    lined up/well informed
  8. Accentuate
    to draw attention to something/to make a feature or something more noticeable
  9. accords
    render somebody something/to be in agreement
  10. accretion
    an increase in size in result of an accumulation
  11. acrimonious
    resentful and angry
  12. actuate
    to make something work or act
  13. Acumen
    sharpness of mind/the ability to make quick accurate intelligent judgments about people or situations
  14. adduce
    offer as evidence
  15. adept
    skillful/highly proficient or expert at something
  16. admonished
    rebuke somebody mildly but earnestly/advise
  17. Adulation
    excessively admiring behavior
  18. alliteration
    use of similar consonants
  19. altruism
    selflessness/belief in acting for others' good
  20. anarchic
  21. anathema
    object of loathing
  22. ancillary
    subordinate/thing that provides supportt/subordinate part
  23. anglicized
    to make or become english
  24. annus mirabilis
    a year noted for disasters and wonders/a fateful year
  25. antagonistic
  26. apartheid
  27. apocryphal
    not true, but widely believed to be true
  28. apogee
  29. apologetics
    branch of theology concerned with proving the truth of christianity
  30. apostate
    somebody who renounces belief
  31. Apposite
    being of striking appropriateness or pertinence
  32. apposition
    the relative position of two things that are next to eachother/juxtaposition
  33. Appreciably
    to a noticeable degree
  34. appreciate
    to understand fully the meaning or significance of a situation
  35. apropos
    appropriate in a specific situation/in regard to/incidentally
  36. apt
    very appropriate, especially suited to the circumstances/quick and enthusiastic to learn
  37. Arbiter
    influential person
  38. arbiter
    somebody making a judgment/influential person
  39. Arcane
    requiring secret or mysterious knowledge
  40. archetype
    typical specimen or example of something/the original model
  41. arrear
    unpaid debt/failure to make regular payments
  42. arrest
    take hold of something
  43. ashram
    spiritual community
  44. assert
    state something/behave forcefully
  45. assiduous
    very careful/showing persistent and hard-working effort in doing something
  46. Assimilation
    act of becoming part of something/integration into a group
  47. astute
    clever and perceptive/shrewd and discerning, especially where personal benefit it to be derived
  48. asunder
  49. at length
    quality of being long/how long something takes
  50. atavistic
    relating to genetic appearance/uncivilized and instinctive
  51. Atavistic
    relating to or displaying the recurrence of a genetic feature that has been absent for several generations
  52. athwart
  53. Athwart
    opposing/so as to oppose or obstruct something
  54. atonement
    making of amends/reconciliation between god and people
  55. atrophy
    wasting away/lessening of ability/weaken
  56. attendant
    occurring along with something
  57. attenuate
    make or become weaker
  58. audacious
    daring/bold/or fearlessness, especially in challenging assumptions or conventions
  59. auspice
    omen/a sign or token for the future, especially a happy or promising one
  60. Avarice
    reprehensible acquisitiveness/insatiable desire for wealth
  61. banal
    dull and unoriginal/boringly ordinary
  62. banana republic
    small dictatorship/a small country with an unstable government, dependent on the export of a single product.
  63. Baneful
    destructive/causing ruin or destruction
  64. barbarism
    cruel act/uncivilized quality/unconventional or unacceptable thing
  65. basest
    fundamental principle/main supporting element
  66. bellicose
    warlike/ready or inclined to quarrel, fight, or go to war
  67. bemuse
    bewilder/to cause somebody to be confused, puzzled, or absorb ones attention
  68. bereave
    deprive through death
  69. blight
    destructive force/ruined state
  70. Bonny
  71. Borne
    past participle of bear. Held up
  72. bourgeoisie
    middle class people
  73. Bourse
    stock exchange
  74. buttress
    support for wall/somebody or something that gives support/projecting rock
  75. cabal
    group of plotters/secret plot
  76. Calamity
    disastrous situation, Distress from such an event.
  77. caliph
    muslim ruler
  78. caliphate
    caliph's territory
  79. Callous
    emotionally hardened, indurate to public opinion
  80. calumnious
    defamation/the making of false statements about somebody with malicious intent
  81. canny
    shrewdly knowing
  82. Canny
    shrewdly knowing/accurate enough not to be easily deceived
  83. capacities
    maximum productivity
  84. capitulation
    giving up/terms of surrender/summary
  85. caprice
    impulsive tendency/sudden change or action
  86. capricious
    given to sudden changes
  87. catalepsy
    state resembling trance/actual or apparent unconsciousness
  88. Catharsis
    psychological purging of complexes/result of the surfacing of suppressed emotions.
  89. casuistry
    application of principles to moral questions/misleading subtle reasoning
  90. Chanced
    discovered by chance
  91. charlatan
    false expert
  92. cistern
    water tank/underground tank
  93. cleric
    member of clergy
  94. coffers
    a supply or store of money, often belonging to an organization
  95. Coffers
    funds/a supply or store of money
  96. cohesive
  97. colloquial
  98. collusion
    secret cooperation
  99. comeuppance
    deserved fate
  100. complacent
    satisfied/eager to please
  101. concatenation
    process or state of being linked
  102. concatenation
    process or state of being linked/linking in units
  103. concern
    caring feelings/relevant affair
  104. concessions
    something unwillingly admitted
  105. concomitant
    happening at the same time
  106. confect
    put together
  107. conflagration
    large destructive fire
  108. confounded
    bewildered/expressing annoyance
  109. consecrate
    declare place holy/make custom revered
  110. consignment
    delivery/disposal of somebody or something/entrusting of somebody or something
  111. consolation
    source of comfort
  112. constraints
    lack spontaneity
  113. corroborate
    confirm/to give or represent evidence of the truth of something
  114. cosmopolitan
    made up of diverse peoples/international in scope
  115. counsel
    somebody who gives advice
  116. counterpose
    counteracting weight
  117. creationism
    belief that god created the universe
  118. credo quia absurdum
    "I believe it because it is absurd"
  119. Cretin
    an offensive term for somebody considered intelligent
  120. cupidity
    greed/especially for money or possessions
  121. daft
    not sensible/silly or unreasonable, frivolous/thoughtless
  122. debauch
    lead somebody into immoral behavior
  123. Debauch
    lead somebody into immoral behavior
  124. debauch
    to lead somebody into immoral behavior. Seduce somebody. An episode of dissipation
  125. decadence
    process of civilization�s decline/immorality
  126. deference
    significant change/distinguishing feature
  127. defrock
    to dismiss a priest
  128. deft
    quick and skillful/clever
  129. delineate
    describe something/portray something visually
  130. depose
    remove from office/give or take evidence
  131. derelict
    deserted/the quality of abandoning of duty
  132. Derelict
    no longer lived in, used/neglected
  133. destitution
    extreme poverty
  134. detrimentally
    harmful/causing damage, harm, or disadvantage
  135. devotional
    committed love/dedication/enthusiasm
  136. diatribe
    bitter criticism
  137. disciplinary
    relating to enforcement and punishment/relating to an academic subject
  138. disconcerting
    causing somebody to feel uneasy
  139. disease
    problem in society/specific disorder
  140. disseminate
    spread/to distribute or spread something
  141. Dogma
    a religious or group belief
  142. dogma
    religious belief
  143. Dogmatically
    expressing rigid opinions
  144. dolorous
    sad or painful
  145. Dowry
    money given to a bride upon marriage
  146. dowry
    money paid to enter a nuns' order
  147. drivel
    silly and irrelevant or inaccurate talk
  148. dubious
    unsure about outcome
  149. dynamics
    change-producing forces
  150. dynamism
    vigorous and forceful quality
  151. economy
  152. ecumenical
    concerning church unity
  153. Effusion
    an unrestrained expression of emotion
  154. eloquence
    notable speaking ability
  155. elucidate
    explain or clarify something
  156. elude
    escape or avoid
  157. embryonic
    in an early developmental state
  158. encyclical
    roman catholic papal document
  159. encyclopedia
    comprehensive reference work
  160. Entente
    friendly understanding between countries/parties in agreement
  161. entrenched
    firmly held/well established
  162. Epoch
    a particular period of history, esp. one that is considered remarkable or noteworthy
  163. equivocal
    ambiguous/open to more than on interpretation/raising doubts
  164. eschatological
    doctrines about death and its aftermath
  165. evince
    show clearly/reveal
  166. Excoriate
    denounce/to severely criticize somebody or something. To remove skin
  167. exalt
    praise somebody or something/intensify something
  168. existential
    relating to human existence/crucial in shaping individual destiny
  169. expiate
    atone for wrongdoing
  170. extirpate
    completely remove something undesirable
  171. familial
    common to families
  172. Fatalism
    belief in all-powerful fate
  173. Fatuous
    showing a lack of intelligence or thought combined with complacency
  174. fealty
    allegiance to feudal lord
  175. feist
    small dog
  176. ferment
    to develop
  177. fervid
    very hot/burning
  178. fetter
    restraint, put a restraint on someone
  179. fettle
    trim casting/repair furnace
  180. finance
    control of money/the money required
  181. fitful
    in bursts/starting and stopping irregularly
  182. florid
    ornate in wording and style
  183. forbear
    long-dead relative/ancestor
  184. fratricide
    killing of a brother
  185. fulcrum
    a pivot or prop
  186. Fungible
    interchangeable or exchangeable/interchangeable
  187. futile
    in vain/frivolous, lacking serious value or substance or sense of responsibility
  188. Futile
    in vain/having no practical effect or useful result
  189. gainsay
    to deny something
  190. gaoler
    the keeper of a jail
  191. glib
    casual and relaxed/fluent in a superficial or insincere way
  192. grounded
    in touch with reality/based on evidence
  193. gymnasium
    school that emphasizes academic subjects rather than technical training
  194. hadith
    collection of islamic traditions
  195. Hallowed
    holy or kept for religious use/respected
  196. hallowed
  197. Happenstance
    coincidental/an event that might have been arranged although it was accidental
  198. harbinger
    somebody or something that announces something
  199. Harbinger
    someone or something that announces something
  200. harlot
    a woman prostitute
  201. hedonism
    seeking of pleasure/philosophy of pleasure
  202. hegemony
    authority or control over a nation or society
  203. Ilk
    like/a kind of person �we�ll not see his like around anymore�
  204. Immolation
    kill as a sacrifice
  205. impetus
    the energy or motivation to accomplish or undertake something
  206. Indurate
    fixed or established
  207. Inert
    motionless/not moving or able to move/lacking in energy or motivation
  208. Inexorable
    not capable of being persuaded by entreaty/relentless
  209. Infernal
    of or relating to hell
  210. Inordinate
    excessive/beyond reasonable limits in amount or degree
  211. Insatiable
    impossible to satisfy
  212. Insouciance
    carefree attitude/cheerful lack of anxiety or concern
  213. Internecine
    involving conflict within a group/mutually destructive
  214. Lucre
    informal term for money
  215. Maimed �wounded/that which is wounded
  216. menagerie
    diverse or exotic group
  217. mercantilism
    commercialism/the principles and methods of commerce
  218. Mercurial
    lively and unpredictable/witty, fast-talking
  219. Mirth
    happiness or enjoyment, especially accompanied by laughter
  220. Mulcted
    to deprive someone of something
  221. Mulcted
    to deprive, cheat or fine someone
  222. Myopia
    shortness of sight/lack of foresight
  223. Nadir
    the lowest point of anything, an extreme state of adversity
  224. Nexus
    the connection between things linked in a series
  225. Nostrum
    ineffective remedy for social, political, or economic problems
  226. Notional
    imaginary or hypothetical
  227. Noxious
    injurious to physical or mental health
  228. Obscurity
    state of being unknown or inconspicuous
  229. Oleaginous
    unpleasantly eager to please, charm or be of service/ingratiatingly
  230. Ostensible
    seeming to be true or genuine, but open to doubt
  231. Ostentatious
    rich and showy/marked by a vulgar display of wealth and success designed to impress
  232. Parlance
    particular way of talking/speech
  233. Peculation
    embezzle/to appropriate money or property by embezzlement or theft
  234. Placid
    (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves
  235. Precipitously
    resembling a precipice/extremely steep
  236. proletariat
    working class
  237. Prophylaxis
    treatment to prevent a disease
  238. Propitiate
    to win someone�s favor/to appease or conciliate someone or something
  239. Prosaic
    lacking imagination/straight forward
  240. Proselytizing
    to try to convert somebody to a religious faith or political doctrine
  241. prostrate
    to lie face-downward/ incapacitate
  242. Punctuation
    interrupt frequently/emphasize
  243. Quaint
    strange or interesting in a pleasing way
  244. Rally
    recovery or improvement
  245. rearguard
    members of a political party opposed to change and progress
  246. Rebarbative
    repellent/unpleasant, annoying or forbidding
  247. Reckon
    regard somebody or something as something/count
  248. Reconcile �to put people back on friendly terms
  249. Rectitude
    correct in judgment
  250. Reify
    consider an abstract concept to be real
  251. Remunerate
    pay somebody for goods or services
  252. Rentier
    someone with unearned income
  253. Rescind
    cancel something/to remove the validity or authority of something
  254. Restitution
    the return of something to its rightful owner
  255. Revere
    treat someone with admiring respect
  256. Rout
    disorder/a disorderly retreat
  257. Sated
    to satisfy completely somebody�s hunger or some other desire
  258. segregated political system
  259. Sequestration
    the act of being confiscated
  260. Shrewd
    clever and probably accurate
  261. Sinews- connective tissue, that which connects
  262. Solipsism
    belief in self as only reality
  263. Speciation
    formation of new species
  264. spendthrift
    extravagant spender, wasteful with money
  265. Spurious
    not genuine/different from what it is claimed to be
  266. Spurned
    reject somebody or something with scorn
  267. Suborn
    persuade someone to commit a crime or other wrongdoing
  268. subtler
    pleasantly understated, able to make refined judgements
  269. Surreptitious
    trying to be avoid being noticed/done in a concealed or underhanded way to escape notice, especially disapproval
  270. Tawdry
    mean spirited/lacking human decency
  271. Tranched
    divided, partitioned or portioned
  272. Transient
    lasting for only a short time and quickly coming to an end, disappearing, or changing
  273. Treble
    three times as many
  274. treble
    triple, three times as many
  275. Trope
    figure of speech
  276. Usurer
    people who lend money at interest
  277. Vested
    having rights to do something
  278. vie
    contend/to strive for superiority or compete with somebody or something
  279. Vouchsafe
    promise something
  280. Watershed
    turning point/an important period, time, event or factor that marks a change or division
  281. Whet
    to sharpen/hone
  282. whett
    to sharpen/make more keen, stimulate
  283. Windfalls
    money obtained unexpectedly/something blown down wind.
  284. Zenith
    the point above the observer that is directly opposite the nadir on the imaginary sphere against which celestial bodies appear to be projected
  285. Virulence
    the quality of being bitter, malicious, or hostile.
  286. relegate
    demote somebody or something
  287. apprised
    given notice
  288. unscrupulous
    oblivious to or contemptuous to what is right or honorable
  289. placate
    to lessen the anger or agitation of
  290. putsch
    a plotted revolt or attempt to overthrow a government
  291. nefarious
    extremely wicked or villainous
  292. predicate
    to base or establish
  293. fulminated
    to issue a thunderous verbal attack or denunciation
  294. mendacious
    tendency to lie
  295. repudiate
    to refuse to acknowledge or pay
  296. reprieve
    to delay the punishment of/tive relief or deliverance to for a time
  297. aphorism
    a concise statement of a principle
  298. aberrant
    straying from the normal way
  299. conciliate
    to appease
  300. recant
    to withdraw or repudiate
  301. mendacious
    false or untrue
  302. insolent
    boldly rude or disrespectful
  303. palliative
    an agent of relief
  304. decist
    to cease doing something
  305. flounder
    to make clumsy attempts to move or regain one's balance
  306. hemmorhage
    rapid or uncontrollable outflow
  307. balked
    passed over or by
  308. interdict
    to destroy, damage, or cut off
  309. precarious
    dependent on circumstances beyond one's control
  310. chicanery
    deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry
  311. piqued
    to arouse anger or resentment in
  312. appent
    to add as a supplement
  313. sobriquet
    a nickname
  314. sententious
    given to or abounding in concise principle expressions
  315. pall
    to lose strength or effectiveness
  316. nascent
    beginning to exist or develop
  317. exacerbate
    to cause to become more severe
  318. profligate
    utterly and shameless immoral or dissipated
  319. rector
    one that directs, leader
  320. precipice
    a very steep or overhanging place
  321. wrest
    to pull, force, or move by violent wringing or twisted movements
  322. sclerotic
  323. iconoclasm
    the deliberate destruction of a culture's own religious icons or symbols
  324. stodgy
    having a rich filling quality, heavy
  325. laudable
    deserving praise, commendable
  326. goad
    an effort or means of prodding or urging
  327. ambivalent
    uncertainty or fluctuation of opinion
  328. derision
    ridicule, mockery
  329. dearth
    an inadequate supply
  330. attrition
    a reduction in size or strength
  331. purported
    alleged/reputed or claimed
  332. putschist
    group who attempts to overthrow a government
  333. panacea
    a remedy for all disease or ills/cure all.
  334. amenable
    having a desire or inclination
  335. bulwark
    protection against external danger, injury, or annoyance
  336. egregious
    extraordinary in some bad way
  337. albeit
    conceding the fact that/although it be
  338. flagging
  339. evince
    to display clearly
  340. ominous
    foreboding or foreshadowing evil
  341. erstwhile
    in the past
  342. contrition
    the state of feeling or showing remorse for a sin or shortcoming
  343. impetus
    a moving force
  344. replete
    abundantly supplied or provided
  345. endemic
    natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place
  346. sinews
    the source of strength, power, or vigor
  347. beholden
    being under obligation for a favor or gift, indebted
  348. Allay
    to put to rest, calm.
  349. denigrate
    to attack the reputation of
  350. Culpability
    deserving of blame or censure as being wrong.
  351. derisive
    characterized by mocking, jeering
  352. predominate
    to have or gain uncontrolled power or influence
  353. incessantly
    without stopping, ceaseless, unbinding
  354. ramparts
    a type of defensive wall
  355. inadvertently
    not focusing the mind on a matter, inattentive
  356. emboldening
    to instill with boldness or courage
  357. contested
    a struggle between rivals for victory or superiority
  358. carrot
    something promised or hoped for as a lure or incentive
  359. fledge
    to take care of until it is ready
  360. erst
    long ago, formerly
  361. plod
    to move or walk slowly/trudge
  362. pilloried
    to expose to public contempt, ridicule or scorn
  363. regent
    a person to act as head of state
  364. akin
    essentially similar
  365. devolve
    to pass on to another or delegate
  366. denude
    to make bare
  367. desultory
    lacking in consistency
  368. onus
    burden, disagreeable necessity
  369. implicate
    to incolce as a consequence, collorary, or natural inference
  370. capitulate
    to surrender under specified conditions
  371. riven
    to wrench open or tear apart
  372. impresario
    an increasing poison, irritation, or bitterness
  373. stalwart
    strongly and stoutly built
  374. legerdemain
    sleight of hand
  375. malediction
    a curse, slander, or evil talk about someone
  376. diluvial
    pertaining to or cause by a flood or deluge
  377. deluge
    anything that overwhelms like a flood
  378. perfidious
    deliberately faithless/treacherous/deceitful
  379. decorous
    characterized by dignified propriety in conduct or manners
  380. fecund
    producing or capable of producing offspring, fruit, or vegetation in abundance
  381. quixotic
    visionary, impractical, unpredictable
  382. pedantic
    overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching
  383. dyspeptic
    pertaining to, subject to, or suffering from dyspepsia/gloomy
  384. odious
    deserving or causing hatred/hateful/detestable
  385. conciliatory
    tending to win over
  386. laudable
    deserving praise/wholesome
  387. derogatory
    tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing
  388. expurgate
    to amend by removing words, passages, etc. deemed offensive or objectionable
  389. infaction
  390. temerity
    reckless boldness/rashness
  391. ameliorate
    to move or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory
  392. assuage
    to make milder or less severe/relieve/ease/mitigate
  393. obfuscation
    to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy/make unclear
  394. minotaur
    a person or thing that devours or destroys
  395. magnaminous
    generous in forgiving an insult or injury/high minded/noble
  396. ebullient
    overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement/high spirited
  397. vitiate
    to impair the quality of/make faulty/spoil/pervert
  398. deaden
    to make less sensitive, active, energetic, or forcible
  399. rectify
    to ma, put, or set right/remedy/correct
  400. ineluctable
    incapable of being evaded/inescapable
  401. modality
    an attribute or circumstance that denotes mode or manner
  402. vilification
    to make vicious or defamatory statements about
  403. cursory
    rapidly and superficially preformed
  404. carping
    marked by or inclined to querulous and often pervasive criticism
  405. repatriated
    to go home again
  406. tacit
    understood without being forcefully expressed
  407. inscrutable
    incapable of being investigated
  408. depredations
    a predatory attack/raid
  409. renege
  410. intransigent
    a person who refuses to agree or compromise
  411. fait accompli
    something already done and beyond alteration
  412. neophyte
  413. bonhomie
    frank and simple good-heartedness
  414. irredentism
    the idea of recovering a territory culturally or historically related to one's nation but now subject to a foreign government
  415. autarky
    the quality of being self sufficient
  416. extirpation
    to pull up by the roots, destroy totally
  417. burnish
    to make smooth or glossy by rubbing out
  418. austere
    marked simply or unadorned
  419. teetotaler
    one who abstains from intoxication
  420. plaudits
    an act or round of applause
  421. modicum
    a moderate or small amount
  422. conciliate
    to overcome the distrust or animosity of/to appease
  423. relent
    to yield
  424. supplant
    to take the place of another as through force
  425. recompense
    payment to another for a loss or injury
  426. dubious
    doubtful/marked by or occasioning doubt
  427. cadre
  428. alacrity
    promptness in response/cheerful readiness
  429. aloof
    at a distance, especially in feeling or interest
  430. armistice
    when warring parties agree to stop fighting
  431. ignominious
    marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame
  432. mulish
    sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of persuasion
  433. belied
    to give a false impression of
  434. palpable
    readily seen, heard, or recognized
  435. amalgamate
    to combine into a unified or integrated whole
  436. reprisal
    retaliation against an enemy, for injures received, by the infliction of more injuries
  437. prevaricated
    to stray away from or evade the truth
  438. indissoluble
    incapable of being undone or broken
  439. decry
    to express strong approval
  440. promulgated
    made known by formal declaration
  441. tenuous
    thin, not dense
  442. bastion
    a fortified area or position
  443. quid pro quo
    something given or received for something else
  444. bellicose
    inclined or eager to fight
  445. prognostication
    forecast or prediction
  446. proffer
    to put before a person for acceptance
  447. shore
    an offer
  448. implacable
    not to be appeased
  449. connivance
    a secret agreement between to parties for an illegal purpose
  450. chide
    to scold mildly as to correct or improve
  451. sanguine
    cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident
  452. diffident
    lacking confidence in one's own ability, worth, or fitness
  453. enmity
    a feeling or condition of hostility
  454. quiescent
    quite or motionless
  455. reproached
    to express disappointment in or displeasure with
  456. largess
    liberality in bestowing gifts
  457. garrison
    collective term for a body of troops stationed in a particular location
  458. epithet
    a descriptive term accompanying or replacing a name
  459. truculence
    feeling or displaying ferocity/cruel
  460. contravene
    to go or act contrary to
  461. relinquish
    to stop holding physically, release
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