AR 623-3

  1. AR 623-3
  2. What is the min. period of time for rater qualification?
    90 days
  3. what is the min period of time for senior rater qualification?
    2 months
  4. what is the min period of time for the reviewer?
    none, there is no min requirement.
  5. initial NCOER counseling will be accomplished within how many days?
    30 days
  6. who is responsible for obtaining the rated NCO's signature?
    senior rater
  7. how many types of reports are there for active duty army amy what are they?
    • 1. annual
    • 2. change of rate
    • 3. relief for cause
    • 4. complete the record
    • 5. senior rater option
    • 6. 60 day option
  8. what AR governs NCOER's?
    AR 623-205
  9. what form is used for the NCO counseling/checklist record?
    DA form 2166-8-1
  10. are NCOER's required for POW's?
  11. are handwritten comments allowed on the NCOER?
  12. what is the time period for submitting an appeal to an NCOER or an AER?
    within 5 years
  13. what NCOER is used upon the removal of an nco from ratable assignment based on the decision by a member of the NCO's chain of command?
    relief for cause
  14. if an annual report does not meet the 90-day min rating period and rater qualifications, what happens?
    the report period will be extended until min requirements are met
  15. rating NCO's fears, inner feelings, enthusiasm, and overall confidence falls into which values/NCO responsibility block?
    physical fitness/military bearing
  16. in the non rated moth's block, what does the code "Q" represent?
    lack of rater qualification
  17. if you attend a military school for 2 months, what would your non-rater code be?
  18. if a NCO attends a service school for 90 calendar days or more what must be done by your parent command?
    change of rater report for the NCO and the rated NCO's subordinates
  19. when will a member of the allied force meet rater qualification?
  20. what is the goal of performance counseling?
    to get all NCO's to be successful and meet standards
  21. what is the raters primary goal?
    the evaluation, focusing on performance, and performance counseling.
  22. what is the senior rater's primary role?
    senior rater's role is primarily that of evaluation focusing on potential, responsible for watching over the performance evaluation and mentoring.
  23. what are the qualifications to be a reviewer?
    must be commissioned officer, warrant officer, CSM, or SGM in the direct line of supervision and senior in pay grade or date of rank to the senior rater.
  24. when completing part 3, duty description, what regulation should the rater use to verify the information with the rated NCO?
    DA PAM 611-21, military occupational classification and structure, 31 MAR 1999
  25. what are the 6 elements of duty description?
    • 1. principle duty title
    • 2. duty MOS code
    • 3. daily duties scope
    • 4. area of special emphasis
    • 5. appointed duties
    • 6. counseling dates
  26. the rater will explain an APFT entry of "FAIL" or "PROFILE", waht should comments on "FAIL" entries address?
    the reason for failure and note any progress toward meeting physical fitness standards (AR 350-15)
  27. what should comments on "PROFILE" entires describe?
    the rated NCO's ability to perform assigned duties.
  28. to explain a pregnant NCO's weight left blank during the period of pregnancy, what must the rater enter for an explanation?
    exempt from weight control standards of !R 600-9. rating officials are not allowed to use word pregnant or refer to the pregnancy
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