Fixed Wing

  1. C-2A
    Greyhound logistics aircraft
  2. C-12
    Huron Logistics aircraft
  3. C-20
    Gulfstream logistics aircraft
  4. C-21
    Learjet used to support training
  5. C-26
    Metro III
  6. C-37A
    Gulfstream V
  7. C-37B
    Gulfstream 550
  8. C-40A
    Clipper logistics aircraft
  9. C-130
    Hercules logistics aircraft
  10. E-2
    Hawkeye early warning and control aircraft
  11. E-6B
    Mercury airborne command post
  12. EA-6B
    Prowler electronic warfare aircraft
  13. EP-3E
    (ARIES II) signals intelligence reconnaissance aircraft
  14. F-5N/F
    Adversary aircraft
  15. F/A-18C/D
    Hornet strike fighter
  16. F/A-18E/F
    Super Hornet strike fighter
  17. MQ-8B
    Fire Scout Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  18. NU-1B
    Otter light cargo transport
  19. P-3C
    Orion long range ASW aircraft
  20. P-8A
    Poseidon Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA)
  21. RQ-2A
    Pioneer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  22. T-6A
    Texan II turboprop trainer
  23. T-34C
    Turbomentor training aircraft
  24. T-38
    Talon supersonic trainer
  25. T-39D/N/G
    Sabreliner radar-navigational training aircraft
  26. T-45A
    Goshawk training aircraft
  27. U-6A
    Beaver all-purpose utility transport
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