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  1. Loosening of associations:
    flow of thought in which ideas SHIFT from one subject to another in an UNRELATED way
  2. Derailment
    DEVIATION in train of thought without blocking
  3. Tangentiality
    • Inability to have goal directed associations of thought
    • NEVER gets from desired point to desired goal
  4. Circumstantiality
    • Overinclusion of details and parenthetical remarks (ones in brackets)
    • Takes a LONG TIME to get to desired point
  5. Knight's move
    • Abrupt JUMP from one idea to another midway through the first thought
    • A form of LOA
  6. Word salad
    Incoherent mixture of words and phrases
  7. Neologism
    New words created by the patient
  8. Echolalia
    Repeating of words or phrases of another person
  9. Irrelevant answer
    Answer that is not in harmony with a question asked
  10. Blocking
    • Abrupt interruption in train of thinking before a thought or idea is finished
    • After a brief pause person indicates no recall of what was being said or was going to be said.
  11. Clang associations
    • Associations of words SIMILAR IN SOUND not in meaning
    • May include rhyming and punning
    • Eg the train rain brained me. He are the skate inflated yesterdays gate towards the cheese grater
  12. Flight of ideas
    • Rapid continuous verbalisations or play on words produce CONSTANT SHIFTING from ONE IDEA to ANOTHER
    • The ideas tend to be CONNECTED
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