1. What is the definition of Neuromuscular Therapy?
    Neuromuscular Therapy is a scientific therapy based on recognized physiological laws and associated principles.The goal of NMT is to achieve homeostasis between the nervous and musculosceletal systems. It combines the scientific application of properly applied pressure, gentle ranges of motion and stretches for the purpose of relieving pain, normalizing muscle tone and achieving restorative benefits for the entire system.
  2. Pfluegler's laws order
    • 1.) Law of Unilaterallity
    • 2.) Law of Symmetry
    • 3.) Law of Intensity
    • 4.) Law of Radiation
    • 5.) Law of Generalization
  3. Define: Postural Distortion
    Inbalance in muscle tone that moves the body off the coronal and mid-saggital planes.
  4. Define: Primary Trigger Point
    Activated by acute or chronic overload in the muscle in which it occurs.
  5. Define: Trigger Point
    A point of hyperirritable tissue that gives rise to referred sensations.
  6. Define: Ischemia
    Lack of blood.
  7. Define: Nerve Entrapment
    Pressure on a nerve by a soft tissue.
  8. Define: Nerve Compression
    Pressure on a nerve by an osseous or cartilaginous structure.
  9. What kind of emergency care can you give for an acute injury?
    • R est
    • I ce
    • C ompression
    • E levation
  10. Which muscles to work treat on somebody with functional toe drop syndrome?
    Peroneus Longus
  11. Which muscles would you treat on somebody with a bunion?
    • - extensor hallucis longus
    • - abductor hallucis
    • - peroneus longus and brevis
    • - tibialis anterior
  12. What's the origin of the biceps femoris?
    • Ischial tuberosity
    • Distal half of linea aspera of femur
  13. Which muscle initiates knee flexion?
  14. Define: HYPOTONIC
    Pertaining to defective or diminished musular tone or tension.
  15. Patella is pulled superiorly and medially - which muscles do I treat?
    Rectus Femoris and Vastus Lateralis (or Gracilis)
  16. Sodium Chloride (table salt) is a ...
  17. Phlebitis is...
    ...contraindicated when treating lower extremities.
  18. Treatment program for swelling of the knee:
    Treat Popliteus and Plantaris
  19. Foot pain - NOW WHAT?
    TFL/IT band and Rectus Femoris
  20. Which muscles need work when there's a Hammer Toe?
    Tibialis Anterior and Extensor Hallucis Longus
  21. What is a Hammer Toe anyway?
    Hammer tow occurs when the first toe is dorsiflexed while the other toes are plantar flexed.
  22. What causes bone spurs to develop?
    Tight Soleus fascia?
  23. What are the three most important communications for a therapist to ask a client during treatment?
    • Is it tender (upon palpitation)?
    • Does it refer (where?)
    • Is it releasing?
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