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  1. اصطدم
    to clash with
  2. جدار
  3. تعثر
    to stumble
  4. مهلة
    extra period of time, time limit
  5. جرّب
    to try on, put to test
  6. زكّي
    to justify, attest of someone's credibility
  7. عاقبة عواقب
    outcome, result, consequence
  8. تعاضد
    cooperation, collaboration
  9. خشبة المسرح
    the stage, (piece of wood)
  10. راهن يراهن
    to bet
  11. راهِن (صفة)، المأزق الراهن
    current, present
  12. وهّم أوهم
    to instill a prejudice
  13. تربص، تربص ل
    to wait for, lie in wait for, + to ambush
  14. معوّقات
    impediments, obstacles
  15. عمومية
    public character
  16. برمتها برمته – رمة
    in its entirity
  17. وتجدر + إضافة, وتجدر الإشارة أن
    it should be _ed, it should be noted that
  18. عقيم
    barren, sterile
  19. مناشدة
    urgent request, appeal
  20. حَشْد حشد يحشد ai
    to assemble, gather, concentrate
  21. استحقاق
    demand of a right, claim
  22. نبض ai
    to pulsate, beat
  23. سبيل سبل
    way, ways
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