ch 14 embryo

  1. the PDL feels ______
  2. what did the PDL start out as?
  3. the PDL is formed from:
  4. what is the fibrous CT that connects the tooth to bone?
  5. on a radiograph, the periodontal space appears as a ________ area
  6. is the periodontal space on a radiograph HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY?
    unhealthy :(
  7. can the PDL detect sensations of pressure, pain, touch, and temperature?
    yes!!! the pulp just detects pain
  8. why is a tooth still able to be felt after a RCT?
    it is not, it is just the PDL noting the sensation
  9. name the 5 components of the PDL
    • intercellular substance
    • BV's
    • nerves
    • cells
    • fibers
  10. a component of the PDL that is like all CT
    intercellular substance
  11. what supplies nutrition to the alveolus, cementum, and once those vessels enter the apical foramen, it supplies nutrition to the pulp?
    blood vessels
  12. which are the nerves in the PDL are AFFERENT or EFFERENT?
    AFFERENT! sends signals to the brain!
  13. typical CT (makes fibers) (cells)
  14. located along the periphery of alveolar bone, can build/destroy BONE: (cells)
    • osteoBLASTS (build)
    • osteoCLASTS (destroy)
  15. located along the periphery of cementum, can build/destroy CEMENTUM: (cells)
    • cementoBLASTS
    • cementoCLASTS
  16. cells that started as HERS but got lost, can be cystic
    Epithelial Rests of Malassez
  17. bundles of fibers that connect the bone to the tooth with Sharpeys Fibers:
    don't think too is FIBERS
  18. name the 2 clinical considerations with the PDL
    • occlusal trauma
    • perio disease
  19. if you are clenching/grinding, you are putting extra forces on the perio _______. what clinical consideration does this fall under?
    • ligament
    • occlusal trauma
  20. T/F clenching and grinding lengthens fibers
    you know it!
  21. why does the PDL widen during occlusal trauma?
    to be able to withstand forces
  22. is occlusal trauma seen radiographically?
  23. the fibers get disorganized and lose their attachment because of the resorption of the bone and cementum:
    perio disease! its a nasty habit
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