Chapter 5, Section 4

  1. essays supporting the Constitution
    Federalist Papers
  2. official changes to the Constitution
  3. Who lead the Antifederalists?(4)
    • -George Mason
    • -Richard Henry Lee
    • -Patrick Henry
    • -Samuel Adams
  4. opposed ratification of the Constitution
  5. What were the Antifederalists opinions and beliefs?(4)
    • -felt too much power was taken from states and given to national government
    • -wanted Constitution to have a section to gurantee individual rights
    • -feared a strong executive branch would lead to tyranny
    • -wanted legislative branch to be stronger than executive and judicial branches
  6. supported ratification of the constitution
  7. Who led the Federalists?(5)
    • -James Madison
    • -George Washington
    • -Benjamin Franklin
    • -Alexander Hamilton
    • -John Jay
  8. Who wrote the Federalist Papers?(3)
    • -Hamilton
    • -Madison
    • -Jay
    • *published anonymously under name Publius
  9. What were the reasons why the Federalists supprted the Constitution and what powers did the Nat'l gov't gain?
    -felt Const. strengthened national government by gaining power from states

    • -could regulate trade
    • -could impose taxes
    • -had a leader
    • -had court system
    • -had military
  10. Why did federalists want ratification of the Const. to be unanimous?
    to show national unity and gain cooperation
  11. defines and protects rights of people against the power of government
    Bill of Rights
  12. Who wrote the Bill of Rights?
    James Madison
  13. When was the Bill of Rights finally ratified by all 13 states?
    December 1791 (2 years after writing of B of R)
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