Rhetorical Terms 3

  1. Anaphora
    Deliberate repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of a line
  2. Assonance
    Repetition of a vowel sound
  3. Consonance
    Repetition of a consonant sound
  4. Euphemism
    Polite way of saying something rude
  5. Allegory
    Extended metaphor where objects are equated with meanings outside of the narrative itself
  6. Parable
    Illustrative story that teaches a moral lesson
  7. Onomatopoeia
    Sound word
  8. Hyperbole
    Over statement; outrageous exaggeration
  9. Understatement
    Deliberately misrepresents something as lesser than it is
  10. Satire
    Tone of humor and wit to improve human institutions
  11. Oxymoron
    Form of paradox; two contradictory words
  12. Pun
    Play on words
  13. Dramatic irony
    Audience knows what characters do not
  14. Situational irony
    Belief that one thing will happen and something else does
  15. Verbal irony
    Someone states something and means the opposite
  16. Sarcasm
    Biting or tearing of the flesh
  17. Apostrophe
    Personified direct address to an absent or imaginary person
  18. Logos
    Appeal to logic
  19. Pathos
    Appeal to heart
  20. Ethos
    Appeal to ethics
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