Chapter 5, Section 3

  1. a leading convention delegate from Virginia
    James Madison
  2. the idea that political power belongs to the people
    Popualr sovereignty
  3. the sharing of power between a central government and the states
  4. What were the goals of the Constitutional Convention?(2)
    • -to improve the Aritcles of Confederation
    • -to reform and strengthen the national government
  5. Who attended the Constitutional Convention?
    -55 representatives from 12 states that were all well educated and had political experience
  6. What were the 2 plans for the new national government?
    • -Virginia Plan
    • -New Jersey Plan
  7. Who proposed the Virginia Plan?
    Edmund Randolph
  8. Ideas of the Virgina Plan.(4)
    • -legislative branch had 2 houses
    • -representaion/voting in legislative was based on population
    • -gave supreme power to national government
    • - had 3 branches of government:
    • -legislative(make laws)
    • -executive(enforces laws)
    • -judicial(interprets laws)
  9. Who proposed the New Jersey Plan?
    William Patterson
  10. Ideas of the New Jersey Plan.(4)
    • -strengthened national government
    • -had 3 branches of government
    • -legislative branch had 1 house
    • -representation/voting- all states were equal
  11. Who proposed the Great Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise?
    Roger Sherman
  12. Ideas of the Great Compromise.
    • -had bicameral legislature called Congress:
    • 1.senate- upper house, each state is equal
    • 2.House of Rep-lower house, representation/voting determined by population
    • -laws must pass BOTH houses to pass
  13. Ideas of the 3/5s Compromise.(2)
    • -3/5 of Slave Population was counted as people to determine representation
    • -3/5 of Slave Population was counted as property for taxation
  14. Ideas of the Commerce Compromise.
    • -Congress could impose tarriffs on imports, but not exports
    • -importation of slaves from Africa would be outlawed at end of 1807
  15. What day is Constitution Day?
    September 17th, 1787
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