chapter 5, section 2

  1. taxes on imports or exports
  2. What problems did the US have with the Birtish?(3)
    • -British stayed in forts in NW Territory around the Great Lakes(violated Treaty of Paris of 1783)
    • -British still manufactured goods and forced US to pay high tarriffs on these goods
    • -closed ports to US ships, including in Birtish West Indies
  3. What problems did the US have with Spain?(2)
    • -closed lower part of MS river to:
    • -US
    • -cut off part of New Orleans from farmers west of Applachian Mountains
  4. What economic problems were within the Articles of Confederation?(4)
    • -Interstate commerce casued conflicts b/c each state had its own trade laws and looked out for itself
    • -currency- all states issued paper money; states wouldn't accept money from other states
    • -inflation-caused by states printing money to pay off debts
    • -depression-caused by inflation and trade problems with Brit/Spain
  5. -MA farmer and Revolutionary War veteran
    -led 500 farmers in protest of high taxes and heavy debts
    Daniel Shays
  6. What caused Shays Rebellion?
    • -MA was in debt after the war so they imposed high land taxes on many farmers
    • -avg. tax was $200
    • -demanded that taxes be made in specie
  7. What things were farmers forced to do if they couldn't pay the tax?(3)
    • -were jailed as debtors
    • -land was sold to pay debt
    • -were forced to do labor to work off debts
  8. Who stopped Shays Rebellion?
    MA governor James Bowdoin issued the MA militia to end the rebellion
  9. What was the main effect of Shays Rebellion?
    • -showed weaknesses of national government under Articles of confederation
    • -national gov't couldn't change tax laws in MA
    • -national gov't didn't have military to help MA
  10. -held in Sept. 1786
    -5 states met to discuss economic problems and ways to fix Articles
    -was unsucessful
    Annapolis Convention
  11. What 2 ideas were concluded from the Annapolis Convention?
    • -National Government should regulate trade
    • -All sates needed to meet to address problems with articles
  12. In what ways was the National Gov't weak under the Articles?(7)
    • -had no income(couldn't tax)
    • -had no single national currency
    • -had no military
    • -had no ability to enforce
    • -had to ask for $$ and soldiers
    • -had no leader
    • -had no court system
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