Social Studies Reconstruction

  1. freedman
    man and woman who had been slaves
  2. Reconstruction
    rebuilding of the South after the Civil War
  3. Ten Percent PLan
    Lincoln's plan that allowed a southern state to form a new government after 10% of it's voters swore an oath of loyalty to the US
  4. amnesry
    government pardon
  5. Wade-Davis Bill
    an 1864 plan for reconstruction that denied the right to vote or hole office to anyone who had volunteered to fight for the Confederate
  6. Freedman's Bureau
    a government agency formed during Reconstruction to help former slaves
  7. Thirteenth Amendment
    an 1865 amendment to the US Constitution that bans slavery throughout the nation
  8. Fourteenth Amendment
    an 1868 amendment to the US Constitution that guarantees equal protection under the laws
  9. Radical Rebublican
    member of Congress During Reconstruction who wanted to ensure that the freedmen received the right to vote
  10. black codes
    Southern law that severely limited the tights of African Americans after the Civil War
  11. Fifteenth Amendment
    an 1869 amendment to the US Constitution that forbids any state to deny African Americans the right to vote because of race
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Social Studies Reconstruction
Social Studies Reconstruction