5th Grade vocab 11-18-10

  1. accomplish
    v. to do, make happen, succeed in, carry through

    "accomplish the task"
  2. apparent
    adj. open to view; easy to understand; seeming to be true or real

    "speeding was the apparent cause of the accident"
  3. capacity
    n. the amount of space that can be filled; ability or skill; office or role

    "the stadium was filled to capacity"
  4. civilian
    n. a person not on active duty in a military, police, or firefighting force

    "no civilian casualties were reported."
  5. conceal
    v. to hide or keep secret, to place out of sight

    "I tried to conceal my disappointment with a smile."
  6. duplicate
    • v. to copy exactly; to produce something equal to
    • adj. exactly like something else
    • n. an exact copy

    "to duplicate a key for my shed"
  7. keen
    adj. having a sharpened edge; quick and sharp in thought or in sight, hearing, or smell; eager

    "owls and eagles have keen eyesight"
  8. provoke
    v. to annoy or make angry, stir up; to do something in order to get a response

    "Jonathan likes to provoke Mom or Dad by knocking things over on purpose"
  9. spurt
    • v. to shoot out quickly in a stream; to show a burst of energy
    • n. a sudden, short stream of fluid; a quick burst of activity

    "we watched the team spurt down the court on a fast break"
  10. undoing
    n. a bringing to ruin or destruction; the cause of ruin; unfastening or loosening

    "idle gossip was the cause of their undoing, and they were caught"
  11. vast
    adj. very great or very large

    "a vast desert stretched into the distance"
  12. withdraw
    v. to pull out or remove; to move back or away, retreat

    "Dad withdraws money to pay our babysitter."
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5th Grade vocab 11-18-10
5th Grade vocab 11-18-10