Law 294 - Cases

  1. What is the case of Carilill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.?
    Carbolic said that you would never get the flu if you used there product and they would pay you $100. Carilill bought and used but still got flu. Carbolic refused to pay Carilill because Carilill "did not inform them of their acceptance."
  2. Who won in the case of Carilill v Carbolic Smoke Ball?
    Carilill won. the court rejected Carbolics argument. They had accepted the offer bying using it as directed.
  3. What is the case of London Drugs V Kuehne & Nagel International Ltd.?
    Kuehne delivered machinary for storage to London Drugs. Contract limited LD for liability of $40. Employee damaged while moving. Kuehne sued for $34000 saying the employee was not covered in clause.
  4. Who won the case of London Drugs Ltd. V Kuhene?
    London Drugs Ltd. won. Employee had done work required by contract, covered by the clause.
  5. What is the case Tilden Rent-a-Car v Clendenning.
    Clendenning rented car, asked if he wanted insurance, agreed and paid extra. Given complicated contract, in hurry so he jsut signed it. Rent-a-car did not ask if he read it or mention that no alcohol could be consumed. Clendenning got in accident after glass of wine at dinner(within limit).
  6. Who won in Tilden rent-a-car v Clendenning?
    Clendenning won. Court said rent a car must provide reasonable notice of it and reasonable opportunity to understand and appreciate what was being signed.
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Law 294 - Cases
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