Med term Respiratory

  1. Bronchitis
    • Inflammation of Bronchi
    • Actue - Bronchiolits
    • Chronic - Bronchiectasis
  2. Anthracosis
    • Black lung disease
    • Coal dust in the lungs
  3. Hemothorax
    Blood in the pleural cavity
  4. Flail Chest
    Rib fractures that contract on inspiration, bulges on expiration
  5. COPD
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • diminishment of capcity of lungs
  6. Deviated Septum
    Deflection of nasal septum, obstruction of capcity of lungs
  7. Percordial Pain
    Pain over the area of the heart
  8. Pyrexia
  9. SOB
    • Shortness of breath
    • Air starved
  10. Hemoptysis
    Coughing up blood, or blood stained septum
  11. Apena
    Abnormal, periodic cessation of breathing
  12. Dysphonia
    Difficulty making sounds
  13. Epistaxis
    Nose bleeds
  14. Cyanosis
    Lack of oxygen. blueish/greyish color
  15. Test for TB
    Mantoux skin test
  16. Pulse Oximetry
    • Measurement of oxygen in arterial blood
    • clip on finger, or earlobe
  17. Spirometry
    Measure the air capacity of the lungs with a spirometer
  18. Mediastinocopy
    Endoscopic procedure to exam spaces b/w lungs
  19. Lung perfusion scan
    • Nuclear meds that show blood flow of lungs
    • Shows pulmonary embolism
  20. PFT
    • Pulmonary function test
    • Determine if lungs are exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide efficently
  21. Bronchoscopy
    Endoscopic procedure to exam bronchial tubes
  22. Mantoux Test
    To check for tuberculosis antibodies
  23. ABG
    • Arterial blood gasses
    • Blood test that measures Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide in blood
  24. CXR
    • Chest X-ray
    • Most common technique
  25. Sweat Test
    • Evaluation of sodium and chloride concentration in sweat
    • Used for Cystic Fibrous
  26. Sputum Culture
    Cultivation of micoorganisms from sputum
  27. DOE
    • Dyspnea on exertion
    • associated with COPD
  28. Coryza
    • Common Cold
    • associated with
  29. Emphysema
    • Destruction of the alveoli
    • caused by smoking
  30. Bronchiectasis
    Chronic dialation of bronchi
  31. Croup
    Acute viral infection of early childhood
  32. Pneumoconiosis
    Loss of lung capacity caused by accumulation of dust in the lungs
  33. CF
    • Cystic Fibrosis
    • Inherited disorder of exocrine glands
    • thick secreations mecous (copd)
  34. Rhinitis
    Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose
  35. URI
    • Upper respitry infection
    • Inflammation/infection of upper respiratory tract
  36. Influenza
    • Flu
    • Acute infectios disease of respitory tract
    • Avian flu
    • Type A influenza virus
  37. Pneumothorax
    Air/gas in plueral space causing the lungs to collapse
  38. Pleural Effusion
    Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the intrapevial space
  39. Pulmonary Edema
    Accumulation of fluid in the lung tissue
  40. Atelectasis
    Collapse of lung tissue or entire lung
  41. Pneumonia
    Inflammation of the lings caused by a variety of pathogens
  42. Pleurisy
    Inflammation of the parictal pleura of the lungs
  43. Rales
    • Crackles
    • Abnormal lung sounds heard on ausculation
  44. Singultus
    • Hiccup
    • Hiccough
    • Contraction of diaphragm, rapid closure of glottis
  45. Rhonchi
    Abnormal rumbling sound hear on auscultation
  46. Stridor
    High pitched sounds from the larynx
  47. Wheezing
    Whistling sound made during breathing
  48. Cheyne Stokes Repiration
    • Deep, rapid, breathing.
    • Followed by apena
  49. Bradypena
    Abnormally slow breathing
  50. Tachypena
    Rapid, shallow breathing
  51. Hypercapnia
    Condition of excessive carbon dioxide in blood
  52. Hypoxemia
    Condition of deficient oxygen in blood
  53. Clubbing
    Abnormal enlargement of the distal phalanges caused by lack of oxygen
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