Social psych ch 5

  1. self concept
    • concept of yourself, rather than feelings
    • schema of yourself (self Schema) (easier to remember)
  2. self-reference effect
    efficient processing of info about the self
  3. Soical Cognition view (Self Concept)
    view of yourself as a schema composed of self reference effect and possible selves
  4. possible selves
    • picture of yourself in the future, can be positive or negative. tend to motivate us
    • (part of social cognition view)
  5. Self Esteem
    (self feeling)

    • = Success
    • pretensions (things we want to be above all)

    modulate our pretensions around our abilites we make them realistic/possible
  6. self esteem and agression
    myth that people join gangs and do drugs is because of LSE
  7. social roles
    • automative go from one role to another might be slightly different person depending on who you are around
    • role changes-work in schematic fashion ex. language you use.
  8. looking glass self
    other people serve as a mirror for us others reactions has an impact on us learn about ourselves through other peoples reactions
  9. multiple selves
    multiple aspects of ourselves
  10. working self-concept
    • accessible at that moment (we might act polite to our parents and teachers but how do we act when we are with friends)
    • part of multiple selves
  11. spontaneous self-concept
    accessibility we compare ourselves to others what distinguishes us from other people.
  12. downward social comparison
    people can use it to feel better about themselves motivational needs
  13. mythical downward social comparison
    interview men whos qives had breast cancer they said at lease they didnt leave them. looked up research and found it is very rare for a husband to leave their wife when she is diagnosed with breast cancer
  14. BIRGing
    • Basking
    • In the
    • Reflected
    • Glory of others

    • other peoples successes are reflected off of you.
    • enhances your self esteem becuase of relationship could be through name dropping spill into your self esteem
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